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All India Judicial Service: Law Minister Seeks Suggestions From States, High Courts

All India Judicial Service: Law Minister Seeks Suggestions From States, High Courts


The Union law ministry has written to all country chief secretaries and excessive courts asking them to “grant views, comments, observations on the earliest” about creating an All-India Judicial Service, the Economic Times reports.
The ministry has based its thought on an earlier recommendation from a major ministers’ conference in 2013.
Soon after swearing in as Law Minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad had asserted that the Ministry would discuss the concept for introducing an All India Judicial Service and talking the problem with the judiciary and the State governments. “We need proper people into the judicial offerings, and the selection need to be benefit based. There has to be an intake of the nice talent,” he had said.
Law Commission Report No-116 of the yr 1986 had endorsed putting in of the All India Judicial Service. Much before this, the Law Commission had recommended in its 14th report posted in the 12 months 1958. But the states and High Courts have remained divided in this difficulty.
Article 312, after its amendment in 1976, offers that, if the Council of States has declared by using decision supported through now not much less than thirds of the member’s gift and vote casting that it’s far essential or expedient inside the national interest so that you can do, Parliament may using law offer for the introduction of one or more All India judicial provider not unusual to the Union and the States.
In the year 1995, the Supreme Court in All India Judges Association v. Union of India directed the Union Government to take immediate measures for putting in the All India Judicial Service.
In 2016, while disposing of a Public Interest Litigation, the Delhi High Court had directed the Government to select the established order of All India Judicial Service (AIJS) on traces of the Administrative and Police Services.

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