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Attorney charged with homicide after running over guy for throwing golfing ball at his vehicle

Attorney charged with homicide after running over guy for throwing golfing ball at his vehicle


An Atlanta-vicinity lawyer is charged with multiple counts of murder after he ran over a man who threw a golf ball at his Mercedes, police stated.

Bryan Keith Schmitt, forty-seven, was indicted on expenses of homicide, legal murder, and irritated assault over the loss of life of Hamid Jahangard, 60, of Sandy Springs, Georgia.

Schmitt claims Jahangard’s demise became a coincidence. However, cops say it turned into a brutal case of road rage, and the attorney intentionally plowed his automobile into the actual property investor.

The incident unfolded July 30, when Schmitt says Jahangard threw a golf ball at his 2011 luxury sedan. Jahangard was close to several trash cans on the end of a protracted driveway at one of his condo houses.

When he heard the ball hit the automobile, Schmitt says he made a U-turn to confront the man. He claims while he attempted to drag into the driveway, Jahangard threw a trash can at the auto, and while he swerved to overlook it, he hit Jahangard.

The sufferer’s brother, who became at the smartphone with him while the disagreement happened, stated he heard yelling and his brother announcing, “I did no longer throw anything, get out my face, get out my face,” before the line went lifeless.

Cops located a golf ball at the scene; however, there has been no harm to the Mercedes. Jahangard’s cellular smartphone changed into lodged under the automobile’s windshield wiper, which police officers observed the usage of at Schmitt’s residence the use of a “finds my cellphone” monitoring device.

The Iranian-born investor sustained a huge skull fracture and died three days later in the sanatorium. Authorities said the extent of his injury — at the side of video from an air-con provider van journeying being the Mercedes — led them to finish Schmitt turned into using a lot faster than he claims.

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