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Austin Car Accident Lawyer Says Uber / Lyft Riders Should Use Caution

Austin Car Accident Lawyer Says Uber / Lyft Riders Should Use Caution


After a risky trip in an Uber, an Austin couple is suing the driving force and corporation for injuries they sustained. Their attorney, Jason McMinn, stated that rideshare agencies don’t train or monitor their drivers, possibly making consumers liable for the damage. Both the couple and Austin auto coincidence attorney warn the public to take caution when coming into an Uber or Lyft.

Last October, Matthew, and Elizabeth Harris were leaving Red Roof Inn on I-35 throughout Formula 1 weekend. Without an automobile, they called an Uber to pick out them up. Immediately they each observed something wasn’t proper.

They smelled alcohol and witnessed erratic conduct. They stated that the girl ran over a massive pothole and tried to file the incident on her cell phone while driving. Within moments of moving into the vehicle, the motive force pulled out onto the frontage road of I-35. She pulled out in front of some other car and immediately changed into, without delay, rear-ended.

Elizabeth Harris and Mathew Harris sustained injuries while rear-ended inside the driving force’s sedan. The impact broke two bones in Elizabeth’s lower back. Elizabeth Harris has been unable to return to work as an EMT because of that crash. Matthew has been affected by excessive belly bruising and whiplash.
After the crash, the Harris circle of relatives known as legal professionals Jason McMinn and Justin McMinn for help on their case.

The lawsuit filed using McMinn Law Firm states that the driving force became intoxicated and distracted through her telephone. It cites a preceding DWI conviction from 1998.
Rideshares can pose particular dangers to consumers of the usage of the service. Unlike with other industrial drivers, clear policies and guidelines are lacking. Companies such as Uber and Lyft do little (if any) education with drivers.

A double fatality crash and subsequent lawsuit filed via McMinn Law Firm highlights the severe hazard of drivers using more than one app with riders inside the car. In that instance, my own family became visiting in an Uber while their motive force tried to confirm every other journey on an exclusive rideshare app (Lyft.) He made a dangerous left flip killing a mom and daughter.

While Uber conducts a screening manner and criminal historical past look at all drivers, there is a need for nearer monitoring of drivers and schooling. The generation to display for reckless use is used amongst vehicle insurance agencies. Rideshares may want to implement protection capabilities to monitor drivers for reckless driving conduct. More can sincerely be completed to shield the safety of our network.

If you spot a driving force behavior you believe is risky, speak up. Don’t be afraid to place your safety first.
If you get injured as a passenger in an Uber or Lyft, you have a proper route to restoration. An accomplished personal injury legal professional allows you to negotiate with insurance adjusters on your behalf. Because there can be more than one event and insurance organizations involved in an Uber crash or Lyft accident, it’s an excellent concept to talk with a legal professional who assists you in sorting out options.

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