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Can you ‘Marie Kondo’ your divorce?


Can you ‘Marie Kondo’ your divorce?


Most girls’ first preference for dinner date wouldn’t be their ex-husband. But Sam Phillips, a 33-12 months-vintage PR, takes an exceptional view. She cherishes her seize-u.S.With Ben, forty, even though they divorced years in the past.

‘We each changed and the marriage broke down. However, I nevertheless think he’s amazing,’ says Sam. The pair, who by no means had youngsters collectively, have been in a relationship for nine years and instigated monthly dinners after the split to keep communique open. ‘We didn’t visit eating places that were vintage favorites, we’d pick someplace new and neutral. At first, it was awkward, and I’d come to be blubbering. But every time, I’d cry less, and we commenced to loosen up. I recall Ben telling me over one of these…