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Causes of Pedestrian Accidents During The Summer

Causes of Pedestrian Accidents During The Summer


According to the most recent estimates from the NHTSA, in 2020, 55,000 pedestrians in the U.S. suffered injuries, and 6,516 pedestrians died in traffic accidents. Unfortunately, various kinds of traffic accidents, deaths, and injuries are usually highest during the summer season, including pedestrian crashes, due to the following reasons:

Crosswalk Tragedy Reminds Us to Focus on Pedestrian Safety | Blogs by Steven Titus & Associates, P.C.

More Tourists On The Roadways

Summer means a rise in road traffic because many people take road trips and vacations during the summertime. Although some Georgia visitors are regulars, most are not, which means they will be unfamiliar with the place since they may come from other states or countries. Consequently, they may be more prone to accidents and unfamiliar with the state’s traffic rules.

More Inexperienced Drivers Behind The Wheel

School is out, so teen drivers have more time to drive around and test their driving skills. Teen drivers are less experienced than their older counterparts and are more likely to make poor driving decisions, leading to careless driving behaviors.

More Pedestrians On The Road

There are more pedestrians out and about during summer. People in Georgia and other naturally humid states love going for an evening walk when the sun starts to set and the weather is cooler. On the other hand, this exact time of day makes pedestrians more vulnerable to accidents if motorists fail to exercise proper care when driving in the dark.

Increased Alcohol Use

The summer months come with various parties, concerts, festivals, and other events involving alcohol. Unfortunately, drunk driving (sometimes while also high on drugs) causes drivers to make poor decisions that endanger the lives of other road users, especially pedestrians.

Elevated Risk of Driver Distractions

Tourists are naturally excited to explore the place they’re visiting and can be distracted easily by looking out the window to enjoy the scenery or speaking to their passengers. They’re likewise more likely to use their mobile phones or GPS while driving, increasing the risk of distracted driving accidents.

Increased Risk of Motor Vehicle Malfunctions

The chances of a motor vehicle malfunctioning also increase as the temperature rises. Aside from overheating motors, heat also causes the air inside the tires to expand, leading to a dangerous tire blowout, especially if the tire’s tread is already very worn or the tire’s quality is subpar.

More Construction On The Roadways

Most roadway construction and repair projects are done during the summer. This means more road traffic and pedestrians risk safety because makeshift sidewalks place them closer to moving vehicles.

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