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Bizarre visitors laws of Costa Rica and around the world

Bizarre visitors laws of Costa Rica and around the world


Rico’s TICO BULL – Why did the fowl go the street? Because it was trying to interrupt the regulation. Imagine your chook crossing the street, dashing through a purple light, in the back of the wheel of a grimy vehicle, or taking a drink of water while riding. A substantial-high-quality or maybe jail may be watching for you, proper?
I have compiled a list of bizarre traffic regulations in Costa Rica and other international locations that may make your head spin. Read on.
In Costa Rica
Drinking and riding
It is a felony to have an alcoholic drink as you drive, provided you do not get inebriated. If the alcohol in your device surpasses the prison limit of zero.75 g in step with 1L of blood or blow 0.38 mg, then you definitely may grow to be in jail for one to 3 years for inebriated-driving. The limit for ‘expert’ or “new drivers” (underneath three years) is 0.50 g or 0.25 mg—article 254 Bis (c) Ley de Transito.
Red light at night
Running a pink mild isn’t any massive deal if done between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. The motive force wants only to come to a forestall and proceed if there may be no cross traffic, without looking forward to the mild to turn green. Article 104 (c) Ley de Transito.
In Cyprus, eating and drinking, such as water, while riding is illegitimate. Also, it’s far against the law in Cyprus to wave or point at worrying drivers while driving.
In France, you must carry a private breathalyzer package to your car, but there may be no first-class for no longer having a breathalyzer.
In Japan, anybody who has furnished an automobile and alcohol to an intoxicated driver and a driving force under the effect or who’s a passenger in a vehicle driven by way of a motive force who’s drunk or underneath the has an impact on can also be a situation to imprisonment with paintings for up to a few years and an exception of up to JPY 500,000. Also, splashing water on a pedestrian, whether knowingly or unknowingly, will immediately land you first-rate.
Going for walks out of gasoline on the autobahn is unlawful in Germany. This also applies to touristsho will face the same penalty no matter their nationality. The exceptions can be from €30 to as much as €70, depending on the case. However, according to German traffic legal guidelines, the car is dealt with as a private space, allowing the motive force to be nude even inside the vehicle. Naughty Germans.
In the United States, some states have some bizarre traffic policies; take a look:
Alabama has a law that makes driving while blindfolded unlawful. You can serve severe jail time if you are stuck doing this offense.
In South Carolina, no car musto have a garbage bin (mainly if it’s a convertible – move figure).
In Georgia, in line with the law, they delightfully put into motion no passenger or motive force is allowed to spit from a transferring automobile or bus until it’s a truck. In Quitman, Georgia, your hen has not to be found carelessly taking walks by using the roadside, let alone seeking to move the street.
In Massachusetts, you should not have a gorilla inside the backseat. The law is ambiguous because it does not restrict one from having the gorilla inside the front seat.
If an elephant is tied to a parking meter, the proprietor should deposit cash in the meter. You might count on this loopy regulation in India; however, you will be incorrect. This loopy law honestly lives in Florida.
Birds have the right to manner on any public dual carriageway in Utah.
It’s against the law to force a black vehicle on Sundays in Denver, Colorado.
In California, it is illegal to leap from a car at 65mph, pressure sporting a dressing robe if you are a woman or dozing on the road.
In Alaska, you are not allowed to tie a canine to your automobile’s roof.
In Italy, your canine has to buckle up. Italians take canine troubles quite severely because it is a criminal offense now not to buckle up your dog if you are driving around with it. According to this bizarre law, the canine owner should ensure their pet is buckled up earlier than they set out on a ride.
In Switzerland, you may wash your vehicle on Sunday.
In Holland, if you’re stuck doing double the speed restriction, they can confiscate your automobile, and you won’t get it back.
In China and Beijing, it’s illegal to stop for pedestrians.
In Thailand, in no way travel topless. This applies to women and men and all motorists, whether you’re driving a motorbike, vehicle, or tuk-tuk.
In Denmark, the regulation states that you have to take a look at kids that can be hiding underneath your car before setting off for your adventure.
In South Africa, drivers face stiff fines if they fail to slow down or stop passing livestock herds.
Back to Costa Rica, this is a head number: What is the procedure while the visitors mild has long past on inexperienced, yellow and crimson on the equal time?

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