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Delhi Traffic Police suggests mirror to riders without helmets, gets applauded by the internet

Delhi Traffic Police suggests mirror to riders without helmets, gets applauded by the internet


Placards to encourage riders to wear a helmet has long gone viral.

Violating traffic policies, driving without helmets or overloading automobiles on the street aren’t unusual sights on Indian roads. Despite those not unusual attractions, avenue safety is critical and pressing trouble inside u . S. A.

As per the government statistics, India has lost 1 forty-seven 913 people in a road crash in 2017. According to the Financial Express, 98 two-wheeler riders who weren’t sporting helmets died every day in 2017. To scale down fatal avenue injuries and sell road safety, the government has been rolling out diverse projects.

One such current initiative shows promise. The Delhi Traffic Police has come up with a progressive concept to teach reckless riders without helmets to mark the 2019 National Safety Road Week, which ran from February four to 10.

According to the regulation, riders without helmets can be fined as much as Rs. Three hundred. However, in place of enforcing street guidelines, the Delhi Traffic Police is conserving a mirror to society, actually and metaphorically. News 18 reports on a viral video of a cop sporting a helmet preserving up a replicate and a placard earlier than riders without helmets. The notice includes a string of messages. The first one reads, “Kyunki Naina jhoot Nahi bolta,” which translates to, ‘because a replicate doesn’t lie.’

The video of this initiative was uploaded on Twitter and different social media by way of the Delhi Traffic Police. It has been considered more significant than 55,000 instances, and the Delhi Traffic Police is being applauded for its work.

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