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87,562 motorists with easy visitors document in Dubai

87,562 motorists with easy visitors document in Dubai


Dubai: As many as three 600 motorists could be honored using Dubai Police for following visitors’ legal guidelines and recording 0 violations closing year, Dubai Police has announced.
Eighty-seven thousand five hundred sixty-two motorists accompanied the law and didn’t commit any traffic violations in 2018, compared to sixty-five 298 motorists in 2017, they stated.
A random computerized draw chose the three hundred motorists to be honored.
Major-General Mohammad Saif Al Zafin, Head of the Federal Traffic Council and Assistant to the Dubai Police Chief for Operations Affairs stated the white points device is for motorists who have not committed any visitor violations in Dubai for the entire year.
“Every 12 months, there’s an increase in the number of winners. This year, we have chosen three a hundred drivers out of 87,562 eligible motorists for the white points machine, launched in 2012 using Dubai Police,” Major General Al Zafin said.
According to the white points gadget, each eligible motorist can get hold of 24 white factors a year, two for each month. The points might be calculated at the quit of each year. A motorist loses their entitlement to the month’s factors if they have any type of visitor rule violation recorded for that month, irrespective of whether the car is pushed by using the proprietor.
Winners are chosen from a pool of motorists with no visitor fines, including Salik and parking fines. They will acquire presents and vouchers.
Two Emirati motorists have gained automobiles this year in a draw.
Of the 87,562 motorists eligible for white factors in 2018, 27 were Asians, 12,256 Arabs, 6,936 Europeans, and four 730 Emiratis.
These included sixty-nine,402 males and 18 one hundred sixty women.

The Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) on Thursday, June 20, allayed motorists’ fears over the nation’s enforcement of site visitors laws.
In an announcement signed by the general supervisor, Olawale Musa, the corporation asked the general public. Specifically, motorists no longer to be frightened of the fines being circulated on social media platforms.
According to him, it is not a punitive degree but part of the law and measures installed in the region to restore sanity to roads inside the kingdom, the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports.
Musa said the 2018 traffic law changed into the development of the 2012 regulation to address the void and inadequacies observed on the way to improving visitors’ manipulation and management, safeguarding motorists’ rights, and enhancing avenue safety.
The well-known supervisor said it would remove impunity and disorderliness on roads and give up site visitors officials’ overzealousness and arbitrariness while on responsibility.
Musa stated: “It will display the manner of implementing site visitors laws in the kingdom in democratized order and ensure that instances of site visitors infractions are tested, determined and punished consequently by law courts. This will allow for honest listening and transparency in implementing the regulation.
“The manner has also put the burden of evidence on visitors officers and are consequently to be extra professional, civil, and polite to motorists and participants of the public. But company against law violators to test instances of impunity on the road.”According to him, the regulation also states that the prevailing rule is not new to the public, but the handiest is more emphasized.
He delivered: “We frown at a state of affairs in which motorists embark on flagrant disobedience of visitors laws, riding against oncoming motors, parking of cars and choosing of passengers at undesignated locations.”Musa stated on the difficulty of forfeiture of motors for riding towards site visitors’ glide that this should now not be misconstrued with the “One-Way” offense. According to him, LASTMA has no longer apprehended any vehicle for one-manner this 12 months.
He mentioned that even as the company had adopted the approach of being civil and humane in its dealings with the general public, this became played up with observable civil disobedience on the roads, prompting the need for sterner measures.
He stated that regardless of any circumstances, officials of LASTMA would continue to be civil, however firm at the aspect of the law inside the discharge of their duties.
Musa delivered that obedience to the law was the top-of-the-line path to putting off disorderliness, chaos, and impunity on the roads. He counseled law-abiding citizens to pressure on the streets without fear of harassment using LASTMA officers.

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