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Family Law and Human Rights – new course to be had at the HELP online platform

Family Law and Human Rights – new course to be had at the HELP online platform


The direction has been an advanced way to EU help, jointly financed by using the EU-Council of Europe “HELP within the EU” Project and the EU-Council of Europe Horizontal Facility Action “Strengthening the Human Rights Ombudsman to combat discrimination” and is based entirely on the HELP method.

HELP is the Council of Europe Programme on Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals.

It focuses on the articulation among the European Convention on Human Rights (the Convention) and the EU and different worldwide instruments within the circle of relatives law (such as the 1980 Hague Convention on infant abduction).

Family regulation is an extraordinary vicinity of control because it is multi-layered (countrywide, nearby and international) and interdisciplinary (transcending non-public and public law, regionally and across the world). Given the growing mobility and internationalization of the kid and households, it is also a complicated topic.

The course discusses and analyses the effect of human rights regulation, considerably Articles 8 and 12 of the Convention on countrywide own family law. It addresses the European Court of Human Rights’ critical cases on Articles eight, 12, and 14 of the Convention. It explores relevant European and international units, including the UN Convention at the Rights of the Child (1989), to display how human rights law units a minimal general for family regulation in Europe. In the EU, even though the great circle of relatives regulation stays underneath EU countries’ sole competence, the EU is empowered to take measures concerning its own family law with pass-border implications on the premise of a unique legislative process. All EU nations should agree (unanimity), and the European Parliament need to be consulted.

The countrywide variations in noticeable family regulation can be bridged by personal global control. The 2d attitude of this direction is consequently the rules on own international management in the circle of relatives topics. The procedure of harmonization and unification of private worldwide regulation in the EU and the Hague Conference’s paintings on Private International Law is given particular interest.
The course integrates schooling substances previously developed by way of the Council of Europe and is complementary to the HELP publications on child-friendly justice and violence in opposition to girls (both already to be had in numerous languages at the HELP e-mastering platform).

The path is evolved interactively and includes various practical sports. It consists of five modules:


Rights Related to Couples
The relationship among Children and their Parents and Other Relatives
International Child Abduction
Children’s Rights: Key Challenges (along with protection from sexual exploitation and abuse and youngsters in the virtual era)
You can get entry to now this course in English via the HELP e-learning platform. More language versions of this route are scheduled for creation soon.

This direction has been produced using a joint program’s budget between the European Union and the Council of Europe. The views expressed herein can in no way be taken to mirror the legit opinion of the European Union or the Council of Europe

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