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Indian Law Firm M/S Solicis Lex improving its presence global

Indian Law Firm M/S Solicis Lex improving its presence global


Mumbai-based Indian law company M/s Solicis Lex has been rapidly increasing its operations worldwide.
It presently has an approximate power of 150 lawyers throughout seven cities in India. It has friends in eight countries, specifically the USA, Israel, China, UAE, UK, Bahrain, Canada, and New Zealand. It will all likely expand to Australia, Japan, and the EU soon.
Advocate Priya Turakhia, the wife of a Chartered Accountant, Mahendra Turakhia, has joined as a companion of M/S Solicis Lex. Turakhia, the mom of well-known/famend ‘Turakhia Brothers’, Serial Entrepreneurs, offered off Media. Internet, an advert-technology enterprise, based with non-public investments in 2010, to Chinese Investors for a whopping USD 900 million in August 2016. A consortium led by Zhiyong Zhang, Chairman of Beijing Miteno Communication Technology, bought the enterprise.
Advocate Ameet Mehta, Founder and Partner of M/s Solicis Lex, isn’t always the most effective legal professional but also an Engineer, MBA Graduate, and a student of Leeds University and London Business School.
The law firm practices in Civil, Criminal, Immigration, RERA, Conveyance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Infrastructure, Media, Family Laws, IPR and Trademark, Consumer, Banking, Cyber Law, Insolvency and Bankruptcy, Arbitration, Investment Banking, Direct and Indirect Tax Planning and Management, Wealth Preservation and Protection Services and so on.
The law company has consistently not only maintained but also enhanced its goodwill and brand in most of its exercise regions and has slowly moved up the ladder to increase its market proportion.
The trends of Indian and International Law Firms’ Mergers and Acquisitions and Diversification have become more frequent each year.
While India has seen many churning of Law Firms nowadays, Law Firms are thinking about merging /obtaining/diversifying to enhance their firm’s price and make certain its increases for their organization. Beyond due diligence, a hefty quantity of inner searching and deliberation is typically conducted before making any long-time dedication to/for a regulation company.

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