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Inspirational Women in Law: Leah Glover

Inspirational Women in Law: Leah Glover


I’ve desired to be a legal professional for so long as I can don’t forget. The profession isn’t always as glamorous because the TV shows might have human beings trust, however it’s miles secure to say it hasn’t done disappoint to date – it’s intellectually hard and I enjoy being in an advisory position. The simplest downside is the long hours, but accomplishing a good outcome for a customer makes it all worth it.
When did you decide the banking zone was the one for you?
If a person had advised me at 16 I could have emerged as a banking and finance lawyer, and I wouldn’t have believed them – the arena of finance regarded this daunting and horrifying vicinity. During my schooling agreement, I realized the non-contentious, drafting paintings was greater ideal to my talent set, and I gravitated to that kind of work. I additionally realized that the monetary world changed easily on hand after you get your head around the terminology. What I sincerely like approximately it is getting creative with the documents when customers want bespoke provisions to use to them.
How do you address negative confrontation?
Difficult people are determined in each place of job and lamentably, it’s far something most of us will cope with at some point. You can truly improve your own surroundings and morale whilst you learn how to deal with awful behaviors in the place of your job. I suppose the secret is to strive no longer to take rejection in my opinion, be brave and try to research from the enjoy that has led to the terrible war of words – is there something you may do differently next time?
Best tip on enhancing confidence?
Focus on the positives. It is simple to be poor, which destroys confidence. Take some time to think about your achievements, accomplishments and things that you are exactly at. I find it useful to be aware of what I actually have completed – remind yourself which you are true at your process – to procure this!
How has the Women Lawyers Division helped you?
The Women Lawyers Division is a safe area to speak approximately problems women may be going through due to gender. The inspirational audio system they host each yr at the annual Fiona Woolf lecture genuinely does show the great things which can be being accomplished via our gender in this career. The occasions hosted with the aid of the Division have given me some useful tools that have helped me to head further in my career – networking tips, building self assurance and having difficult conversations about salary and promotions to name some.
As Chair, what do you suspect are pressing problems the arena ought to be addressing?
I find it splendid that, 100 years after women have been permitted to exercise regulation, we’re still going through such an imbalance among the genders at senior stages. Too frequently, I have heard humans in our profession say things like “we might rent extra ladies in senior partnership positions, but we simply can’t locate everybody with the talent set”, or that ladies “don’t ask” for a pay rise or a promotion. In a profession that now has 60% girls at entry degree, it appears unfeasible that there are not sufficient women to clear out thru the profession to senior positions. Organizations need to observe their hiring practices that may be aside from girls from the procedure.

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