Insurance claims in road coincidence cases nearly absent


Rights activists and delivery machine professionals on Saturday alleged that insurance claims through sufferers in avenue accidents became nearly absent in the usa.
At a roundtable dialogue additionally, they stated that the state needed to ensure a proper coverage system for protection on roads.
They urged the authorities to make 0.33-party insurance mandatory inside the Road Transport Act, 2018.
The Road Safety Foundation organized the dialogue at the National Press Club in the capital on repayment for a street twist of fate sufferers, need for street protection coverage and a separate avenue safety fund.

While imparting the keynote paper, Professor Moazzem Hossain, former director, Accident Research Institute, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, said that claiming of insurance in avenue injuries have been almost absent and no facts had been available at the number of these cases.
Pointing out that as per the existing regulation the own family of a useless victim receives Tk 20,000, an injured sufferer Tk five,000–Tk 10,000, and Tk 50,000 become given for property broken under the 0.33-birthday party insurance, he considered the compensations as very inadequate.
The professor proposed a one-time government furnish, a fund from registration and street tax sectors in addition to insurance of motors and gas intake without enforcing more tax on human beings.

He stated that financial transparency and duty were crucial in keeping the taxes accrued from registration of cars, fitness checking, avenue tax sectors, and fines realized through the police.
The foundation’s legal economist and vice-president MS Siddiqui also supplied a paper wherein he stated that currently, three kinds of insurance had been available within the usa – complete, minimum threat and 1/3-birthday celebration.

1/3-celebration insurance received using an insured automobile (first birthday celebration) from an insurance organization (second birthday party) for protection towards the claims of accident sufferers (0.33 birthday celebration), and the legal responsibility of the driver had been obligatory in keeping with the existing Motor Vehicles Ordinance, 1983.
‘But those provisions have been made elective at the newly enacted Road Transport Act, 2018,’ he cited, urging the government to make this insurance obligatory inside the new law.

Former National Human Rights Commission chairman Professor Md Mizanur Rahman said that the state needed to take the obligation of the accident sufferers to facilitate their immediate treatment and compensation even as the transport owners also couldn’t keep away from their commitment.
He also blamed the influence of businesspeople, corruption, and lack of the guideline of regulation for the situation and advised the government to make specific appropriate compensation for the sufferers.

Bangladesh Road Transport Workers Federation favorite secretary Osman Ali alleged that the insurance process within the usa was very prolonged and the coverage organizations have to be held extra accountable in cases of reimbursement.
Bangladesh Bus and Truck Owners Association chairman Ramesh Chandra Ghosh stated that the issues of insurance have to be introduced beneath more excellent monitoring.
The dialogue becomes attended, amongst others, with the aid of basis chairman Professor AI Mahbub Uddin Ahmed and govt director Saidur Rahman and Prime Insurance Company Limited handling director Mohammadi Khanam.

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