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Jakarta’s traffic cameras get new update, can now capture drivers who don’t wear seatbelt or use smartphone even as driving

Jakarta’s traffic cameras get new update, can now capture drivers who don’t wear seatbelt or use smartphone even as driving


Currently, Jakarta’s ETLE (Electronic Traffic Law Enforcement) visitors’ cameras are prepared to trap more avenue violations with a new software program taking impact nowadays.
The ETLE system, which began with noticed cameras applied at four places in downtown Central Jakarta upon its launch in November 2018, now covers more locations and can catch more violations.
“The new features are [catching] drivers who don’t put on their seatbelt, drivers who use their telephone, violations of the abnormal-even rule, and pace violations,” Jakarta Metro Police Traffic Department Law Enforcement Sub-department Head Muhammad Nasir told Kompas the day gone by.
Nasir said the new features add to the ETLE cameras’ preceding competencies to seize cars that disobey traffic symptoms or those that leap the red light.
Along with the software program update, ETLE cameras have now been positioned inside the following 10 locations:
MRT Bundaran Senayan pedestrian overpass
MRT Polda Semanggi pedestrian overpass
The pedestrian overpass in front of the Ministry of Tourism
MRT pedestrian overpass near the Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform
Sudirman-Thamrin flyover
Thamrin-Sudirman flyover
Patung Kuda intersection
Sarinah intersection at the Bawaslu workplace aspect
Sarinah intersection on the Starbucks aspect
Plaza Gajah Mada pedestrian overpass
Highly new technology for Jakarta, ETLE permits police to use cameras to seize and assess traffic violations. If the police decide there was an infringement, they’ll mail and email a traffic price ticket to the motorist’s cope. The motorist will have one week to pay their best through a companion financial institution. Failure to do so might bring about their vehicle registration being frozen, which means the motorist couldn’t pay their annual car tax till they paid their satisfaction.
The gadget is seen as one of the answers for the considerable hassle of traffic police requesting bribes from offending motorists instead of tickets (fixes may even come inside the durian shape). However, ETLE is now best enforced alongside one stretch of Jakarta Avenue — not enough to make any significant difference.
An Indonesian female may additionally face crook sanctions pending an intellectual fitness evaluation after she prompted chaos at a mosque by bringing her dog into the Islamic house of worship.
In a video taken the day went by, which has long past extremely viral in you. S. A ., a woman — nonetheless carrying her shoes — is visible carrying a small canine into a mosque in Sentul, Bogor, as she loudly confronts numerous worshippers. The specifics of the dispute aren’t apparent. However, the girl is heard screaming, “This is where my husband is getting married,” while mosque goers attempted to eject her from the building, reputedly indignant that she permitted her unleashed canine to run unfastened inside the mosque
The guy in pink — recognized in other films from the incident as a mosque caretaker — asked the woman what her faith was, to which she declared she was a Catholic. They then appear to shove and kick each other while chaos ensues as others try to forestall them and seize the canine, which, at this point, seemed to have been walking around in panic.
The video doesn’t display how the incident ended, but the Bogor Police say that officers soon arrived at the scene and apprehended the girl, whom they’ve diagnosed by her initials SM.
Police are now accomplishing an intellectual fitness assessment on SM as they said they had reason to believe she’s depressed.
“We will investigate viable crook charges because this just took place nowadays. After the [mental] exam, we will announce the prices,” Bogor Police Chief Andi M Dicky informed Pojoksatu the day before.
Animals aren’t allowed inside mosques to hold the residence of worship’s sanctity. Many Muslims are particularly opposed to puppies because they believe that they preserve angels, and that contact with their saliva (among others) makes one impure.
As such, SM taking her dog into the mosque ought to see her fall afoul of Indonesia’s ambiguously-defined blasphemy regulation, which contains a capability sentence of at least five years in prison. Another opportunity is that SM will be charged with developing a public disturbance with her motion.
The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), the highest clerical frame in Indonesia, has called it calm and asked Muslims no longer to be provoked in mild of the video going viral.
“Maybe she did no longer recognize that puppies are animals with saliva that’s impure in Islam… Hopefully, this incident will not disturb peace among religions within the Unitary State of Indonesia. Even we aren’t certain that this became carried out deliberately to provoke unrest,” MUI Deputy Secretary-General Tengku Zulkarnain instructed Pojoksatu.

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