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La Crosse County actual estate transfers for Sunday June 30, 2019

La Crosse County actual estate transfers for Sunday June 30, 2019


The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, a few transfers are exempt from switch fees; those residences are indexed without prices.
GH-II La Crosse LLC to Baltic Avenue Investments of La Crosse LLC, 630 Ninth St. N., $1,900,000.
Gundersen Clinic LTD to Twand Holdings LLC, 1502 Miller St., $507,354.
David Anderson to Pamela Dixon, 1222 11th St. S.
Gregory and Renee Gall to Matthew and Susan McParker, 2317 Winnebago St., $206,000.
Daniel Estep and Amy Olson to Barbara Kracklauer, 312 Eleventh St. S., $157,000.
Jerene Beitlich, Annette, and Kevin Semke to Bryce and Elisabeth Grams, 2838 Brook Court, $148,000.
Jeffery, Phyllis, and Richard Vonruden to the City of La Crosse, 1902 State Road.
Michelle and Timothy Holzer to Debra Conway, 1702 Wood St., $181,500.
Courtney and Daniel Kloss to Tyler Melson, 1225 17th St. S., $ hundred and fifty-five 000.
CTH B Development LLC to Ayotunde and Victor Uko, 5035 County Road B, $189,900.
Casey Mathson to Dale and Julie Croonquist, 4625 33rd St. S., $144,000.
Sharon Candahl to Ken and Vickie Petrashek, 2310 Jackson St., $157,200.
Mary and Timothy Riley to Usonia LLC, 1427 Winnebago St., $139,900.
Arthur and Janet Nardini to Moonstone Meadow LLC, 1810 Wood St., $35,000.
Michae Rupprecht and Felicia Songer to Bratager Properties 1 LLC, 1109 and 1111 Logan St., $133,600.
Leo Properties LLC to Riverland Rentals LLC, 1212 Fourth St. S., $300,000.
Frederick and Susan Leinfelder to Joseph and Kendal Roraff, a hundred and forty 20th St. S., $2 hundred,000.
Dennie Jax to Paige Schneider, 1108 Seventh St. S., $50,000.
Victoria and William Johnson to Christopher and Craig Johnson, 1922 twenty-third St. S.
Alice Wienke to Tes Kirschbaum, 1720 Liberty St., $123,one hundred.
Jennifer and Scott Chapman to the Nicholas and Elizabeth Hansen Revocable Trust, 5225 Brackenwood Court, $395,000.
Nicholas and Elizabeth Hansen Revocable Trust to Jessica and Paul Leckie, 1728 Cass St., $310,000.
Kathleen Roth to Anthony and Debra Rubasch, 1329 26th St. S., $ hundred and eighty 500.
Lobe Properties LLC to Goehner Investments LLC, 918 Hood St., $ seventy-six 500.
Bradford and Mary Noah to Brett Dale, 14 Copeland Ave., $195,000.
Gregory and Barbara Loomis Joint Revocable Trust to Andrew Loomis, 2437 Loomis St.
Beth and Jeffery Graves to Dawn Burmeister, 810 Gillette St., $ seventy-two 000.
Christina and Kevin Prairie to Diana Johnson-Salvador and Samuel Przywojski, 947 Milson Court, $210,000.
AG Investment Properties LLC to Arizona Rentals LLC, 607 and 609 Fifth Ave. S., $206,000.
Carolyn Schnell and Jean Torgerud to David and Teresa Larsen, 2033 30th St. S.
David and Teresa Larsen to HNT Properties LLC, 2033 thirtieth St., $103,000.
Sue Mercier Revocable Trust to the City of La Crosse, 2163 Farnam St.
Ruth Schwebke to the City of La Crosse, 2300 State Road.
Daniel Puent to the City of La Crosse, 2020 and 2022 Johnson St.
Hue Lor and Bee Vang to Choua Lee and Mai Yang, 1409 West Ave. S., $118,000.
Alan Locketz and Anne Miller to Alan Locketz, 409 Oak Ave. S., $94,400.
James Salmo to James and Lisa Salmo, 1012 Windhill St.
David and Lisa Wendt to Larry Tender, 825 Thirteenth Ave. S., $219,000.
Rose Fernholz to David and Lisa Wendt, 1103 Hickory St., $198,000.
Leean Deloria to Leeann Deloria Trust, 123 Eighth Ave. S.
Debra Wade to Romina and Siegried Yu, 918 Oak Timber Drive, $437,500.
Herbert Moore and Lori Weinberg to Corey and Dawn Andel, 2252 Evenson Drive, $515,000.
Marjorie Landsinger to Jordan Sommer, 1310 Main St., $122,seven-hundred.
Katherine Olson to Tyler Mickschl, 305 Fourth Ave. S., $a hundred,000.
Alida and Richard Herlin to Brian and Virginia Moore, 1909 Esther Drive, $243,000.
Clinton and Heather Torp to Derek and Jenna Burnstad, 864 Summers Day Lane, $450,000.
Paul Berendes and Kristi Umberger to Anamarie and Andrew Moore, 345 Sixth Ave. N., $215,250.
Jacob and Kristin Erickson Living Trust to Kristin Erickson, 1833 Pine Ridge Drive.
Coulee Holdings LLC to Elizabeth and Erik Archer, 611 Tenth Ave. N., $three hundred,000.
WB Construction LLC to Carrie and Timothy Jensen, $329,900.
Eugene Cahalan to Shannon and Shawna Holland, $52,000.
Matthew Hudson to David Jinkins, $195,000.
Anglin and Christopher Feilen to MKT Trust, $280,000.
Peter Matt to Fred and Natasha Butterfield, $349,900.
Laurie and Richard Roberts to Jacey and Randy Penn, $291,500.
Carol and Jack Christnovich to Biff and Melinda Bauman, $222,500.
Holmen Investments LLC to Gary and Marilyn Grant, $346,000.
Gloria and Merlin Winchell to Ronald Brown, $279,500.
1540 South Holmen Drive LLC to Brauvin 18 LLC, $1,650,000.
Ruby Olsen Revocable Living Trust to Jamie and Teresa Schlitz, $ hundred twenty-five 000.
Jade and Zachery Brueggeman to Nathan Gaustad, $163,500.
SK Beach LLC to Clifford and Sandy Leclair Revocable Trust, $ hundred twenty-five 000.
Errol Kindschy to the Errol Kindschy Revocable Trust.
Louise Schlitz to Chad and Shelly Horstman.
Ami and Nathan Schroepfer to Anglin and Christopher Feilen, $385,000.
Timothy Dvorak to Brenda and Kevin Gagermeier, $215,000.
Robin Mell and Terry Parmenter to Paul Berendes and Kristi Umberger, $379,900.
James Storandt to Sandra Hanson.
Rebecca and Reed Pomeroy to Earn and Eric Hesselberg, $47,000.
Chastity and Nathaniel Casey to Britni and Timothy Ruppert, $345,000.
Broadway Properties LLC to Melinda Kleist, $248,000.
Melinda Kleist to Daniel and Ruth Bretl, $314,000.
Dokter Revocable Trust to NEI Global Relocation Co., $499,900.
NEI Global Relocation Co. To Kenneth and Laura Pina, $499,900.
Derek Kaio and Kam-Lin Roswall to Les Manske & Sons Inc., $28,000.
Bianna and David Winiecki to Andrew and Katie Duckworth, $212,750.
Fredrick and Natasha Butterfield to Elizabeth and Zachary Dolan, $265,000.
Gary and Lori Larson to Anthony and Ashley Hansen, $168,000.
Dorothy Iverson to Ryan and Taylor Ledvina, $ hundred and eighty 000.
Elga and Robert Peterson to Averi Kotnour and Christopher Nelson, $two hundred,000.
Harold Frank to Gregory and Nikki Elsen, $109,500.
Anthony and Debra Rubasch to Devin Johnson, $265,000.
Glynne and Thomas Miller to Danielle and Erich Rathke, $50,000.

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