La Crosse County real property transfers for Sunday, March 10, 2019


The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some shipments are exempt from switch expenses; those houses are indexed without fees.

Town of Farmington

Anthony and Brittany Paisley to Sandra and Steven Paisley, N8212 Hwy. C, $104,800.

Amy and Michael Marohl to Amber and Jared Klukas, W5538 Hwy. T, $one hundred seventy,500.

Town of Holland
Daniel and Sharon Licht to Brenna and Jesse Beckendorf, N7284 Cottonwood Lane, $300,000.

Joel and Meaghan Graves to Lynne and Wade Wilson, N7296 Eagle Road, $360,000.

S&J Properties of La Crosse LLC to McCathie Investments LLC, 3117 Horton St., $44,900.

S&J Properties of La Crosse LLC to McCathie Investments LLC, 3130 Horton St., $44,900.

RVF Transition Trust to John Smieja, 318 Grant St., $a hundred seventy-five,000.

Dan and Jennifer Waters to Chue and Tou Yia Lor and Neng Xiong, 303 Irene Place, $192,000.

Erin and Frederick Genz to Sarah Hoffmann, 404 E. McHugh St., $280,000.

Carol and James Schank to 220 Properties LLC, $ forty-two,000.

Maria and Steven Shilha to Aaron Thompson, 109 W. Roberts St., $one hundred fifty-five,000.

Abraham Leis to Brenda and Curtis Malone, 407 Wood Violet Drive, $287,900.

La Crosse
William Pishaw to Nicole and Rolly Aponte, 2028 S. 32nd St., $one hundred sixty,000.

Mary Coady to Mary Coady and David Holthaus, 2042 Kane St. And 1102 Moore St., $ fifty-five,350.

Jean and Loretta Lawrence to Jean and Loretta Lawrence, 911 Division St., $103,800.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Habitat for Humanity La Crosse Area Inc., 1608 Prospect St., $75,000.

Dennis Cox to ENS Investments LLC, 1526 and 1528 George St., $120,000.

Gary Harter to Mermani Maloney-Wang, 1342 Caledonia St., $126,500.

Paul Grossman to Amanda and Michael McClernon, 1301 S. 31st Place, $179,900.

Douglas and Marjorie Arneson Family Trust to Haley and Jason Goslinga, 925 Adams St., $118,000.

Adam and Kristin Krajewski to Cortni and Jesse Berger, 325 and 327 S. 22nd St., $200,000.

1315 Properties LLC to NRE Properties LLC, 1804 and 1806 Wood St., $123,500.

The City of La Crosse to Spies Construction LLC, 1715, 1719 and 1723 Wisconsin Court, 1703, 1707 and 1711 Arizona Court, and 1701, 1706, 1712 and 1716 Colorado Court, $one hundred twenty,000.

J&K Brudos Trust to Kenneth and Susan LaPlante, 4516 S. Thirty third St., $180,000.

Mary Thompson to Bruce Nuttall, 414 and 416 S. 18th Place, $120,150.

Anthony and Kylie Panke to Katherine Coady, 2034 Kane St., $one hundred ten,000.

Erin and Thomas Wuchina to Michael and Pamela Kamm, 1116 S. 26th St., $one hundred seventy,000.

Susan Gallagher Estate and La Crosse County Sheriff to Benjamin Petersen, 2303 S. Thirteenth St., $63,000.

Francis Fogel to Clint Meyer Enterprises LLC, 1405 S. Thirty first Place, $a hundred and ten,000.

Brown-Hexum Onalaska LLC to Onalaska Senior Living LLC, 3770 E. Emerald Drive, $1, one hundred seventy-five,000.

Albert and Karen Locy to A&B Living Trust, 619 Eighth Ave. N., $196, one hundred.

Daniel and Tina McWain to Joel Reinhart, 4076 Mary Drive, $294,500.

Lynne and Wade Wilson to Robyn Beahm, 316 15th Ave. N., $217,000.

Olen Nantz to Tricia Owen, 960 11th Ave. S., $240,000.

Wilma Verrette Living Trust to Alyssa and Garrett Jerue, 704 Country Club Lane, $570,000.

Heidi and Richard Devine to Cole and Theresa Wilson, $one hundred sixty-five,000.

Town of Onalaska
Kathleen and Mark Viner to Emma 5610 LLC, N4510 Hwy. OT, $154,500.

Kathleen and Mark Viner to Emma 5610 LLC, N5612 Hwy. OT, $189,900.

HP River Rock LLC to Gasoline Alley Toys LLC, W8288 Hwy. Z, Unit 45, $one hundred ten,000.

Erica and Leanne Witzig to Maria and Steven Shilha, N6091 Apple Valley Drive, $261,900.

Andrew and Samantha Cooper to Mark and Sandra Mercer, 1610 Black Oak Drive, $209,000.

Small Town Investments LLC to Amy and Michael Marohl, 1662 Birch St., $206,000.

Town of Shelby
Hegenbarth Development LLC to Jacob Johnson and Ericka Ranger, 3440 Greenbriar Court, $208,500.

McDonalds Corp. To McDonalds USA LLC, 2810 Losey Blvd. S., 2808 Ward Ave. And 2811 S. Twenty third St., $1, a hundred and forty,000.

Courtesy Corp. To McDonalds USA LLC, 2304 Ward Ave., $50,000.

Terri Schlichenmeyer to Randy Buchanan and Oksana Kutsiianova, W5556 Hwy. 33, $174,000.

West Salem
Jennifer and Ronald Black to Melissa and Robert Gollnick, 204 W. Garland St., $48,250.

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