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Man’s ‘petty’ revenge after $2b divorce

Man’s ‘petty’ revenge after $2b divorce


When Linda Macklowe filed for divorce from her billionaire husband of fifty-eight years, it sparked a protracted and sour prison struggle.

A furious Mrs. Macklowe chose in 2016 after it was revealed that her husband, belongings magnate Harry Macklowe, had established his younger French mistress Patricia Landeau as one of his luxury houses for years.

It has become referred to as the “$2 billion divorces” after Mr. Macklowe famously joked, approximately imparting the ex-half of his extreme $2.6 billion wealth to go away him alone.

Over the years, they always fought over the division in their belongings, such as a $997 million art collection and belongings portfolio.

The former couple, who’ve grown up kids, recently reached an agreement, although the info is unknown.

This week, Mr. Macklowe, 82, sooner or later married Ms. Landeau, who is in her early 60s.

However, the eccentric billionaire got up unusually to have a good time with the nuptials – and take a swipe at his ex-wife inside the procedure.

Mr. Macklowe has plastered a large 12m by 7m, black and white picture of the happy couple on one in every of his New York homes that can be visible a long way and wide, the New York Post revealed.

Linda Macklowe, a Guggenheim Foundation trustee, lives just a brief walk away from the unmissable poster.

Mr. Macklowe informed the book he had erected the Park Avenue set up to represent his pride in his relationship and achievements.

“Our smiling faces can be on a constructing that I constructed – and I am pleased with my wife, my lifestyles, my friends and colleagues,” he stated, adding it “gives me an exceptional thrill” to “percentage this moment of joy and happiness.”

The former couple’s colorful divorce complaints made headlines worldwide, with Mr. Macklowe’s lawyer accusing his ex of using their belongings as a “weapon.”

Meanwhile, Linda Macklowe’s legal professional accused Mr. Macklowe of “dirty hints” after his customer accused her ex-husband of attempting to interrupt right into a wall to “annex a third of her unit to growth the dimensions of the space he supposed to share with Landeau,” the New York Post suggested.

In 2017, Mr. Macklowe also told journalists a string of “spouse jokes” after leaving a New York court docket.

“A kleptomaniac goes before choosing to steal a can of fruit,” one shaggy dog story commenced.

“When the decide asks how many peaches are within the can, she says six. So they decided to sentence the thief to 6 nights in jail. Then, all of a sudden, her husband stands up and says, ‘Your honor! She also stole a can of peas.”

Mr. Macklowe’s new billboard stunt has caught the eye of social media users, with one Twitter user describing the pass as a “big center finger” to his ex-spouse.

Another stated the poster took “petty to a whole new degree,” while others said it turned into evidence that “men by no means develop up.”

Ms. Landeau is believed to have worn a $ 100,000 clothier outfit for the lavish wedding ceremony, which many guests attended.

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