Bizarre visitors laws of Costa Rica and around the world

Rico’s TICO BULL – Why did the fowl go the street? Because it was trying to interrupt the regulation. Imagine your chook crossing the street, dashing through a purple light or in the back of the wheel of a grimy vehicle, or taking a drink of water while riding? A substantial high-quality or maybe jail may be watching for you, proper?
Here, I even have compiled a listing of bizarre traffic regulations in Costa Rica and other international locations that may make your head spin? Read on.
In Costa Rica
Drinking and riding
It is felony to have an alcoholic drink as you drive supplied you do now not get inebriated. If the alcohol to your device surpasses the prison limit zero.75 g in step with 1L of blood or blow 0.38 mg, then you definitely may grow to be in jail for one to 3 years for inebriated-driving. The limit for ‘expert’ or “new drivers” (underneath three years) is 0.50 g or 0.25 mg. Article 254 Bis (c) Ley de Transito.
Red light at night
Running a pink mild isn’t any massive deal if done between 10 pm, and 5 am. The motive force wants only to come to a forestall and proceed if there may be no cross traffic, without looking forward to the mild to turn green. Article 104 (c) Ley de Transito.
In Cyprus, eating and drinking, such as water, while riding is illegitimate. Also, in Cyprus, it’s far against the law to wave or point at worrying drivers while driving.
In France, you’re required to carry a private breathalyzer package to your car, but, there may be no first-class anymore for no longer having a breathalyzer.
In Japan, anybody who has furnished a automobile and/or alcohol to an intoxicated driver and/or a driving force under the effect or who’s a passenger in a vehicle driven by way of a motive force who’s drunk or underneath the have an impact on can also be situation to imprisonment with paintings for up to a few years and a exceptional of up to JPY 500,000. Also, splashing water on a pedestrian, whether knowingly or unknowingly, will immediately land you a first-rate.
In Germany, going for walks out of gasoline on the autobahn is unlawful. This applies to tourists as nicely, who will face the same penalty no matter nationality. The exceptions can be from €30 as much as €70 relying on the case. However, according to German traffic legal guidelines, the car is dealt with as private space, which consequently allows the motive force to be nude even as inside the vehicle. Naughty Germans.
In the United States, some states have some bizarre traffic policies, take a look:
Alabama has a law that makes driving while blindfolded unlawful. If you are ever stuck doing this offense, you can serve severe jail time.
In South Carolina, no car need to have a garbage bin in it, (mainly if it’s a convertible – move figure).
In Georgia, in line with the law they delightfully put into motion, no passenger or motive force is allowed to spit from a transferring automobile or bus, now not until it’s a truck. In Quitman, Georgia, your hen has not to be found carelessly taking walks by using the roadside, let alone seeking to move the street.
In Massachusetts, you should now not have a gorilla inside the backseat. The law is quite ambiguous because it does now not restrict one from having the gorilla seated inside the front seat.
If an elephant is tied to a parking meter, the proprietor ought to deposit cash in the meter. You might count on this type of loopy regulation to exist in India; however then, you will be incorrect. This loopy law honestly lives in Florida.
Birds have the right of manner on any public dual carriageway in Utah.
It’s against the law to force a black vehicle on Sundays in Denver, Colorado.
In California, it is illegal to leap from a car at 65mph, pressure sporting a dressing robe if you are a woman or dozing on the road.
In Alaska, you are not allowed to tie a canine to the roof of your automobile.
In Italy, your canine has to buckle up. Italians take canine troubles quite severely because it is a criminal offense now not to buckle up your canine if you are driving around with it. According to this very weird law, the owner of the canine ought to ensure that his/her pet is buckled up earlier than they set out on a ride.
In Switzerland, you may’t wash your vehicle on Sunday.
In Holland, if you’re stuck doing double the speed restriction they are able to confiscate your automobile and also you won’t get it back.
In China, and Beijing specifically, it’s far illegal to stop for pedestrians.
In Thailand, in no way travel topless. This applies to women and men and all motorists whether you’re driving a motorbike, vehicle or tuk-tuk.
In Denmark, the regulation states which you have to take a look at for kids that can be hiding underneath your car earlier than setting off for your adventure.
In South Africa, drivers face stiff fines in the event that they fail to slow down or stop for passing herds of livestock.
Back to Costa Rica, this is a head number: What is the procedure while the visitors mild has long past on inexperienced, yellow and crimson on the equal time?

Mysuru visitors police crack down on parking violations, switch to wheel-locks in lieu of Tiger Vans

MYSURU: Given the metropolis’s proximity to 2 tiger reserves – Bandipur and Nagarahole – the roar of the enormous cat isn’t always precisely the terrifying blood-curdling revel in it is for the ones in other cities. However, till very lately, many proprietors of two-wheelers, who won’t have flinched on the irritated snarl of a tiger, frequently scurried with fear at the wail of the Tiger Vans, which rode on Mysuru streets with a single motive – to impound, and seize motors that had been stationed in areas wherein parking turned into strictly prohibited. These dreaded trucks, but, have been decommissioned and their absence on the city’s thoroughfares has no longer exceeded not noted.
Although two-wheeler owners might relaxation smooth now with the tiger vehicles not trundling along the metropolis streets, traffic police have, in no way, taken their foot off the pressure in opposition to unlawful parking. Traffic law enforcement officials have added a new gadget, in which vehicles determined in no-parking zones could be immobilized the usage of a wheel-locking mechanism. The device, already in the vicinity in Bengaluru and other towns in Karnataka, has been launched, and correctly tested in Mysuru, with 40 cases being registered on day by day basis.
In all, Mysuru traffic police have bought as many as 500 of these locks, that have been dispensed a few of the five visitors stations inside the town – Narasimharaja, Krishnaraja, VV Puram, Devaraja and Siddarthanagar similarly.
Signaling the launch of the power, KR police station released ‘Operation Wheel-Lock’ in Agrahara, and on Basaveshwara Road on Monday. More than 50 automobiles, both vehicles, and two-wheelers have been mechanically glued to the one’s spots in which, according to regulation, they’d say no enterprise being. The sight of automobile proprietors imploring cops to release their vehicles, and others consenting to pay the penalty for the offense to retake ownership in their motors become common.
Besides locking -wheelers parked in violation of regulations, the locks are being used to immobilize motors which have been caught breaking other visitors laws.
Residents are a relieved lot with the disappearance of the tiger vans from the city’s streets. Mahadevu, a resident of Mahadevapura, stated that those in charge of impounding vehicles have been regularly careless, resulting in damage to a number of the automobiles. “In many instances, we proprietors have been compelled to pay for damages our two-wheelers sustained because of the bad manner wherein they have been treated by using those crewing the tiger trucks, in addition to paying fines. The new solution, wherein our vehicles will be robotically locked, is lots higher. This way, we can rest confidently knowing our motors are safe,” Mahadevu instructed TOI.
Once locked, proprietors might be allowed to use their cars handiest when they pay the penalty. If the proprietors fail to turn up inside a stipulated time interval, the vehicles could be hauled to the nearest site visitors police station. Owners forced to visit the station to get their automobiles will pay the exceptional, and the price incurred with the aid of the law enforcement officials to take the motor to the station. Vehicle proprietors can also be fined for past offenses in case the police officers determined to tug out the records of the car in the query.
Mysuru city police commissioner KT Balakrishna advised TOI that the brand new operation changed into currently in its experimental section, but affirmed that the response to the newly followed method had up to now been excellent. “The power has been a hit. Motorists had expressed issues with Tiger Vans. The use of wheel-locks takes the possibility of the underhanded hobby. As of now, we’ve 500 of these wheel-locks. Based at the reaction, we will see if extra is needed,” Balakrishna stated.
Motorists journeying without cars fined
Residents heading to paintings on Thursday morning had been surprised to look a seen spurt in visitors monitoring interest on the town streets. Drivers traveling in Udayguru, Ghousia Nagar, Mandi Mohalla, Shantinagar without the required documents have been penalized. Assistant commissioner of police Mohan led the power.

Bengaluru Court Passes Injunction Against Google In A Case Alleging Diversion Of Site Traffic By Illegal Use Of Keywords [Read Order]

A Bengaluru courtroom has passed an intervening time order of injunction against Google India, directing it to chorus from diverting the visitors of the official site of crowdfunding platform ‘Milaap.’
‘Milaap’ had approached the Bengaluru City Civil Court contending that site visitors to its web page changed into being diverted to some other site
When a person searches for the plaintiffs’ mark ‘Milaap’ on Google, the first entry that looks is that of the internet site of ‘Impact Guru,’ which is likewise a crowdfunding platform, said the plaint. It changed into alleged that ‘Impact Guru’ was using the plaintiffs’ mark in its web cope with and critical phrases to divert traffic that legitimately belongs to the plaintiff.
The plaintiff also stated that it seemed that the defendants have entered into some arrangement to ensure that Google deceptively brings up a hyperlink to the ‘Impact Guru’ website whenever a person searches for the plaintiffs’ mark.
“If a web consumer searches for the mark ‘MILAAP’ on Google, the person sees “No. 1 Medical Fund Raising Site”. The Plaintiffs have raised over Rs. 240 Crore in Medical Fund Raising and is undoubtedly the No. 1 Medical Fund Raising Site in India. The Defendants’ choice of identifies the usage of key phrases that describe the Plaintiffs is visible evidence in their motive to deceive customers into wondering what they are clicking on a hyperlink to the Plaintiffs’ website. Tellingly, the Defendant No. 2 does not use the period “the No. 1 Medical Fund Raising Site” on its website. The adoption of phrases that describe the Plaintiffs is genuinely supposed to mislead and mislead the public at massive”, said the plaint filed by way of Advocate Karan Joseph.
On April 12, the Court said that the plaintiff had made out a “prima facie” case and exceeded an advert-period in-between order restraining Google from displaying the internet site of ‘Impact Guru’ every time a seek of ‘Milaap’ is made and additionally from diverting traffic to ‘Impact Guru’ thru using AdWords, Keywords, meta tag or in any way each time a search of ‘Milaap’ is made.
The Court mentioned that plaintiff-corporation become in lifestyles considering 2012, while Impact Guru came into being most effective in 2015.
The defendants – Google and Impact Guru – entered an appearance on June 6 and the matter is published subsequent on June 28.

87,562 motorists with easy visitors document in Dubai

Dubai: As many as three,600 motorists could be honored using Dubai Police for following visitors legal guidelines and recording 0 violations closing year, Dubai Police has announced.
A total of 87,562 motorists accompanied the law and didn’t devote any traffic violation in 2018, compared to sixty-five,298 motorists in 2017, they stated.
The three, six hundred motorists to be honored were chosen thru a random computerized draw.
Major-General Mohammad Saif Al Zafein, Head of the Federal Traffic Council and Assistant to the Dubai Police Chief for Operations Affairs, stated the white points device is for motorists who have now not devoted any visitors violations in Dubai for the entire yr.
“Every 12 months there’s an increase in quantity of winners. This yr, we have chosen 3,six hundred drivers out of 87,562 eligible motorists for the white points machine, which changed into launched in 2012 by using Dubai Police,” Major General Al Zafein said.
According to the white points gadget, each eligible motorist can get hold of a total of 24 white factors a year, two for each month. The points might be calculated on the quit of each year. A motorist loses his or her entitlement to the month’s factors if he/she has any type of visitors rule violation recorded for that month irrespective of whether the car is pushed by using the proprietor or not.
Winners are chosen from a pool of motorists who do not have any visitors fines, which include Salik and parking fines. They will acquire presents and vouchers.
Two Emirati motorists have gained automobiles this yr in a draw.
Out of the 87,562 motorists eligible for receiving white factors in 2018, fifty-seven,524 have been Asians, 12,256 Arabs, 6,936 Europeans and four,730 Emiratis.
There included sixty-nine,402 males and 18, one hundred sixty women.

The Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) on Thursday, June 20, allayed fears of motorists over enforcement of site visitors laws in the nation.
In an announcement signed by way of the general supervisor, Olawale Musa, the corporation asked individuals of the general public, specifically, motorists no longer to be frightened of the fines being circulated on social media platforms.
According to him, it is not a punitive degree but part of the law and measures that have been installed region to restore sanity to roads inside the kingdom, News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports.
Musa said the 2018 traffic law changed into development of the 2012 regulation with goals of addressing the void and inadequacies observed on the way to improving visitors manipulate and management, safeguarding motorists’ rights and enhancing avenue safety.
The well-known supervisor said it would remove impunity and disorderliness on roads, and give up site visitors officials’ overzealousness and arbitrariness while on responsibility.
Musa stated: “It will display the manner of implementing site visitors laws in the kingdom in democratized order and ensure that instances of site visitors infractions are tested, determined and punished consequently by way of law courts. This will allow for honest listening to and transparency in the implementation of the regulation.
“The manner has also put the burden of evidence on visitors officers and are consequently to be extra professional, civil, and polite to motorists and participants of the public. But company against violators of the law to test instances of impunity on the road.”
According to him, the regulation also states that the prevailing regulation is not new to the public, but handiest being more emphasized.
He delivered: “We frown at a state of affairs in which motorists embark on flagrant disobedience of visitors laws, riding against on coming motors, parking of cars and choosing of passengers at undesignated locations.”
Musa stated on the difficulty of forfeiture of motors for riding towards glide of site visitors that this should now not be misconstrued with the “One-Way” offense. According to him, LASTMA has no longer apprehended any vehicle for one-manner this 12 months.
He mentioned that even as the company had adopted the approach of being civil and humane in its dealings with the general public, this turned into being played up with observable civil disobedience on the roads prompting the need for sterner measures.
He stated that regardless of any circumstances, officials of LASTMA would continue to be civil however firm at the aspect of the law inside the discharge in their duties.
Musa delivered that the top of the line path to putting off disorderliness, chaos, and impunity on the roads became via obedience of the law. He counseled law-abiding citizens to pressure at the streets without fear of harassment using LASTMA officers.

A driving force caught on video dragging a deputy along with his car at some stage in a site visitors prevent is going through an attempted homicide fee

Florida man is facing a rate of attempted murder after body camera and dashcam video showed him dragging a sheriff’s deputy together with his car at some stage in a site visitors stop.
Rocky Rudolph, 38, of Apopka, Florida, became pulled over with the aid of Seminole County Sheriff’s Deputy Aaron Blais Saturday.
The body digicam photos released by the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office Sunday suggests the deputy and the motive force having a calm, friendly interaction within the first couple of minutes of the traffic prevent after Blais tells Rudolph he pulled him over for having tinted windows. The two men even comic story with each other approximately the suspect’s unusual name.
But matters flip bitter whilst Blais asks Rudolph if he has any marijuana inside the vehicle before telling him to turn off his car.
Instead, Rudolph throws the car in power as the deputy hangs out of the window screaming for the driver to forestall.
Rudolph briefly stops and Blais factors a gun at him ordering him to prevent the car earlier than Rudolph pulls off again toward a toll road.
Dashcam video indicates the deputy fall off of the car because it speeds away.
The sheriff’s workplace looked for Rudolph following the incident and he turned into taken into custody rapidly earlier than 4:30 p.M. Saturday, the department said.
Blais was dealt with for non-existence-threatening injuries and launched from the sanatorium Saturday, according to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office.
Rudolph is being held without bond in Seminole County Jail on expenses of tried first-diploma homicide of a law enforcement officer, annoyed battery on a law enforcement officer, and resisting an officer with violence, in keeping with the county jail roster.
A court docket appearance for Rudolph is scheduled for 2 p.M. Monday.
CNN has now not decided whether or not Rudolph currently has felony illustration in this case.

As traffic fines spike, only tech can prevent bribery

Fines for traffic offences have just long past up dramatically, and a giant fear in Bengaluru is that bribery will thrive greater than ever before.
The steep hike in fines could reduce fatalities on the road, says Dr Ashish Verma, companion professor, civil engineering, Indian Institute of Science. The way to lessen human intervention and bribery is to rely upon technology 24/7, one year a year.
He recommends an vehicle-challaning device, which affords visible evidence of the offence. “The effectiveness of the revised fines relies upon on the implementation mechanism,” he says. He believes powerful use of technology will lessen the temptation to bribe.
Studies conducted by IISc say speeding, driving on the incorrect facet and signal leaping are main reasons of dying.
Rs 100 cr a year
Additional Commissioner of Police (site visitors) P Harishekaran takes pleasure in the era to hand, and how it allows the police mop up large quantities. “We gather at least Rs 100 crore in fines each yr,” he informed Metrolife.
Traffic police use 600 personal virtual assistant (PDA) devices to crack down on offenders. They have set up 1,000 cameras across the city. A hundred of those capture sign leaping. “When a vehicle jumps a sign, this camera records the violation and sends it to the site visitors control centre, which in turn, generates a challan and sends it to the perpetrator,” he says.
Mostly in suburbs
Technology is not enough. A sound know-how of the city and its issues is crucial to put in force such landmark selections, says Prof M N Sreehari, site visitors guide and representative.
“Offences are committed usually in the suburbs and now not within the coronary heart of the metropolis in which the rate has come down notably. And we don‘t see any police presence within the suburbs,” he says.
The Bengaluru police don‘t have sufficient men to reveal the forty eight,000 ordinary traffic junctions. The present cameras are insufficient to keep an eye fixed at the developing vehicular populace, he advised Metrolife.
He believes that the tendency to grease the palms of police officers is in all likelihood to growth with the hike in penalties.
“The in advance quality of Rs one hundred became small. People usually carry something between Rs 2 hundred and Rs 500. So, if they’re stuck and if the quality is Rs 1,000, they are much more likely to pay what they have got as a bribe than get caught in a long-drawn felony method,” says Sreehari.
On the other hand, V Ravichandar, urban professional, does not find the revisedpenalties too excessive. “Talking at the cell whilst using amounts to placing others at mortal danger. It desires to attract provisions of the crook code, much like riding on footpaths,” he says.
Educated offenders
Dr K Mohanan Nambiar, leader visitors warden, has controlled weekend site visitors on Bengaluru roads for 27 years. He says maximum violators of site visitors guidelines are knowledgeable and properly-knowledgeable. “Most pedestrian fatalities are because of the absence of pedestrian paths. People are compelled to stroll on the road and endanger their lives,” he says.
Not lasting
Dr Divyashree K R, representative psychiatrist, Aster CMI, says high fines instil fear but might not provide a long-lasting solution to the trouble of irresponsible driving. People who don’t respect the regulation don’t suppose two times earlier than bribing their way out, she says.
Auto, cab drivers: Where to park to pick out up passengers?
Tanveer Pasha, President, Ola Taxi for Sure Uber Drivers‘ and Owners‘ Association
“Cab drivers do stop in ‘no parking’ zones, however best to pick up passengers. “We don‘t have a devoted taxi stand. When a customer books a cab from a no-parking lot, we turn out to be there,” he says. “Police then great us.” Tanveer estimates approximately eighty per cent of all motorists caught for traffic offences pay bribes and escape.
Sampath, Adarsha Auto Union and Taxi Drivers’ Union, unearths the police heartless in managing vehicle drivers.
“They communicate more rudely to us and slap 3 or 4 instances the instant they capture us. We must forestall in which passengers inform us to prevent, and policemen use the opportunity to penalise us,“ he says. RTO and police strategies take for ever. While drivers are waiting for their papers, police impose fines of up to Rs 10,000 on them. Drivers are negative, and this isn’t truthful, says Sampath.

Jakarta’s traffic cameras get new update, can now capture drivers who don’t wear seatbelt or use smartphone even as driving

Jakarta’s ETLE (Electronic Traffic Law Enforcement) visitors cameras at the moment are prepared to trap more avenue violations with a new software program replace taking impact nowadays.
The ETLE system, which to begin with noticed cameras applied at four places in downtown Central Jakarta upon its launch in November 2018, now covers more locations and is capable of catch more sorts of violations.
“The new features are [catching] drivers who don’t put on their seatbelt, drivers who use their telephone, violations of the abnormal-even rule, and pace violations,” Jakarta Metro Police Traffic Department Law Enforcement Sub-department Head Muhammad Nasir told Kompas the day gone by.
Nasir said that the brand new features add to the ETLE cameras’ preceding competencies to seize cars that disobey traffic symptoms or those that leap the red light.
Along with the software program update, ETLE cameras have now been positioned inside the following 10 locations:
MRT Bundaran Senayan pedestrian overpass
MRT Polda Semanggi pedestrian overpass
Pedestrian overpass in the front of the Ministry of Tourism
MRT pedestrian overpass near the Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform
Sudirman-Thamrin flyover
Thamrin-Sudirman flyover
Patung Kuda intersection
Sarinah intersection at the Bawaslu workplace aspect
Sarinah intersection on the Starbucks aspect
Plaza Gajah Mada pedestrian overpass
A highly new technology for Jakarta, ETLE permits police to make use of the cameras to seize and assessment traffic violations. If the police decide there was a contravention, they’ll send a traffic price ticket to the motorist’s cope with with the aid of mail and/or e mail. The motorist will then have one week to pay their best through a companion financial institution. Failure to do so might bring about their vehicle registration being frozen, which means the motorist couldn’t pay their annual car tax till they paid their satisfactory.
The gadget is seen as one of the answers for the considerable hassle of traffic police requesting bribes from offending motorists in lieu of tickets (bribes may even come inside the shape of durian), however ETLE is up to now best enforced alongside one stretch of Jakarta avenue — not enough to make any significant difference.
An Indonesian female may additionally face crook sanctions pending a intellectual fitness evaluation after she prompted chaos at a mosque through bringing her dog into the Islamic house of worship.
In a video taken the day gone by, which has long past extremely viral in the u . S . A ., a woman — nonetheless carrying her shoes — is visible carrying a small canine into a mosque in Sentul, Bogor as she loudly confronts numerous worshippers. The specifics of the dispute aren’t totally clear, however the girl is heard screaming, “This is wherein my husband is getting married” whilst mosque goers attempted to eject her from the building, reputedly indignant that she permit her unleashed canine run unfastened inside the mosque
The guy in pink — recognized in other films from the incident as a mosque caretaker — requested the woman what her faith was, to which she declared she’s a Catholic. The then appear to shove and kick every other while chaos ensues as others try to forestall them and seize the canine, which, at this point, seemed to had been walking around in panic.
The video doesn’t display how the incident ended, but the Bogor Police say that officers soon arrived at the scene and apprehended the girl, who they’ve diagnosed by way of her initials SM.
Police are now accomplishing a intellectual fitness assessment on SM as they said they have got purpose to believe she’s depressed.
“We will investigate viable crook charges, because this just took place nowadays. After the [mental] exam, we will announce the prices,” Bogor Police Chief Andi M Dicky informed Pojoksatu the day prior to this.
Animals aren’t allowed inside of mosques to hold the residence of worship’s sanctity. Many Muslims are in particular averse to puppies due to the belief that they preserve angels away and that contact with their saliva (among others) reasons one to be impure.
As such, SM taking her dog into the mosque ought to see her fall afoul of Indonesia’s ambiguously-defined blasphemy regulation, which contains a capability sentence of at least 5 years in prison. Another opportunity is that SM will be charged with developing a public disturbance with her motion.
The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), the highest clerical frame in Indonesia, has referred to as for calm and asked Muslims no longer to be provoked in mild of the video going viral.
“Maybe she did no longer recognise that puppies are animals with saliva that’s impure in Islam… Hopefully peace among religions within the Unitary State of Indonesia is not going to be disturbed by using this incident. Even we aren’t certain that this became carried out deliberately to provoke unrest,” MUI Deputy Secretary General Tengku Zulkarnain instructed Pojoksatu.

Caught! Traffic law keeper turns visitors violator in Navi Mumbai

In what may be termed as a classic case of law enforcers violating the regulation, a person operating with the Navi Mumbai site visitors department was caught breaking the law.
The offender in question become unlocking the wheel clamps of automobiles sealed by using the traffic law enforcement officials on account of unlawful parking, however, what was unexpected was that he was seen riding a two-wheeler that did not have a number plate either at the front or rear aspect of the vehicle.
The Navi Mumbai visitors police use wheel clamps to fasten vehicles which are illegally parked on roads. The cars which might be generally parked on the incorrect side that is while there aren’t any strange-even board current on that particular stretch or parked on a no-parking zone are pulled up for site visitors violations.
A mid-day reader noticed this character on the unlawful -wheeler and puzzled the rider approximately how he may want to violate site visitors policies using driving a motorbike without a variety of plate. However, the rider who stated he worked with the site visitors department promptly replied that inquiry should be made at the visitor’s booth about the difficulty. He said, “Speak to the visitor’s police inside the chowkie” concerning the incident.
Finally, the consequences for disobeying visitors laws have come to be quite hefty in India; however, will it make a distinction to the manner India drives? The Union Cabinet on Monday, 24 June, authorized the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill that proposes hefty consequences for violation of site visitors laws.
This has been a long term coming. This 2017 Bill, which changed into pending for approval in the Rajya Sabha, lapsed after the period of the 16th Lok Sabha ended. According to a PTI report, it has now been cleared using the Cabinet and will be offered to parliament within the modern consultation. It will then be notified to be enforced via authorities.
What are the essential thing takeaways from this bill, that allows you to probably discourage errant drivers?
The Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill has made some large adjustments to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 (which in itself is a revised one). Under the new Bill, as seen within the chart above, the fines for drunk using or riding after being disqualified have been sharply improved from Rs 500 to Rs 10,000.
Also, no longer giving way to emergency provider cars which include ambulances, fire offerings or police motors will entail a stiff penalty of Rs 10,000. This provision changed into no longer there in the earlier Act.
Besides the revised fines, the Bill additionally documents modifications in the manner driving licenses are issued. The use of Aadhar wide variety is now compulsory for making use of for riding permits and vehicle registrations.
Also, using licenses in India have been in advance valid for 20 years or until the character turns 50 years antique. Now, using licenses might be legitimate for only ten years for those among a while 30 and 50. If someone gets a permit among the age of fifty and 55, it’ll be legitimate till age 60, while for those who renew their licenses after age fifty-five, the validity of the renewed license will be for best five years.
Insurance payouts limits on third celebration insurance were eliminated. This has already pondered within the steep hike in 1/3 birthday celebration coverage top rate too, purchasing the latest vehicles extra highly-priced.
Manufacturers can now not bypass off cheap or defective cars to customers. The Bill affords for mandatory don’t forget of vehicles, if it’s far validated to be a chance to different street users.

Foul lane: NBA’s Harden apologises for China traffic violation

Shanghai: Houston Rockets famous person James Harden is used to flying beyond defenders inside the NBA. However he turned into rapidly blocked using a visitors officer in China as he rode a scooter in Shanghai.
Harden, 29, apologized after inflicting a social media typhoon following his weekend ride on one in every of China’s ubiquitous electric powered scooters.
Images circulating on-line showed Harden stopped by using police on Saturday, and state media stated it changed into for allegedly riding against site visitors and in an area in which scooters are forbidden.
A buddy of his is visible on any other scooter with a passenger on the lower back, that’s unlawful in Shanghai for positive sorts of non-motor motors.
“I would like to express regret for violating site visitors guidelines during my scooter ride nowadays,” Harden wrote in English and Chinese on the Twitter-like Weibo platform on Saturday night, including that he requested his team of workers to just accept the penalty, which he did no longer specify.
“Not an awesome instance glaringly but I changed into simply trying to experience the city as plenty as viable. Thank you for your knowledge, and I’ll make sure to abide using the regulations next time right here,” Harden wrote on his Weibo account, which has close to 1.6 million fans.
The Shanghai police answered to Harden’s apology on Sunday, quipping that a whistle may be used for the rules of the sport as well as the street.
“Nothing can be executed without norms or requirements. Hope you can play better and higher to your future basketball suits and anybody can be secure on the road,” the police wrote on Weibo.
Shanghai has cranked up its site visitors law enforcement against non-motor automobiles and pedestrians considering the fact that April.
Some lovers voiced guide for Harden’s down-to-earth apology, even as others stated, celebrities have to no longer have a unique treatment.
“The handiest guy who can single-handedly defend Harden has seemed,” a fan commented on Weibo.
The NBA is highly famous in China, for you to host the basketball World Cup starting August 31. The Rockets are famous in China for being the team in which retired Chinese middle Yao Ming played.
The Court had also opined that self area must are available region and the riders and pillion riders should realize that deadly/critical injuries may also reason essential bodily incapacity due to not carrying a helmet. There need to be non-stop schooling and focus be initiated to the riders and pillion riders of motorized two-wheelers as to the continually taking of masks also, it had said.”Home Secretary, Director General of Police and the Commissioner of Police, Greater Chennai, are once again directed to make sure effective implementation. If there may be a failure on the a part of the Police Officers, not beneath the rank of Sub-Inspectors of Police, along with visitors Police, in the whole State of Tamil Nadu, to take appropriate motion, towards the violators, for imposing the provisions of the motor cars Act or put into effect the directions of this Court, then this Court might be limited to do so towards the Sub-Inspectors of Police and others, who’re accountable. If supervision is inadequate, then, this Court would be confined to problem appropriate orders in opposition to the Heads of the Department.”

Traffic Police To Honour 8000 Citizens In Hyderabad — Catching The Good Guys

The Rachakonda Police Commissionerate released a program called the “Patrol for Happy Driving” in Hyderabad on Thursday. The initiative is to honor citizen who complies with traffic rules. Motorists following traffic guidelines across Hyderabad will acquire certificates by using the city police underneath the action.
As a part of the initiative launched with the aid of Rachakonda Traffic Commissioner Mahesh M Bhagwat, the traffic police will discover riders and drivers who make it an addiction to and protection measures inside the city.
Commissioner Bhagwat said, “So far the police were looking to perceive visitors violators and impose fines and to capture cars and so on. Now, as a token of reputation to the humans following site visitors guidelines, Rachakonda police launched a unique program that’s the best one-of-its-kind in India. The Patrol for Happy Driving.”
Law abiding riders drivers will be given stickers and certificate of appreciation. The Rachakonda visitors police believe that this pass will spread happiness among secure drivers as their honesty is known.
The nearby police have observed that many humans have commenced obeying visitors laws after awareness packages. They say sporting helmets, using seat belts, using turn signal signs, and retaining more secure distances in moving visitors are some location that they have visible enhancements.
After launching this program, Commissioner Bhagwat for my part checked a few vehicles. He found a lady physician, a senior citizen, an autorickshaw driver, and some lorry drivers following visitors rules. These residents have been honored with a certificate, and additionally had ‘secure motive force’ stickers pasted on to their automobiles.
The Rachakonda traffic police have a hard and fast a goal and will perceive 8000 secure drivers. All drivers may be issued ‘safe motive force’ stickers and certificates as a token of appreciation for following visitors regulations.
Commissioner Bhagwat introduced, “The foremost purpose of launching this program is to inspire the regulation-abiding residents via honoring them and bring changes among others to make them obey the law.”
Thoughts About The Initiative Started By The Rachakonda Traffic Police
Interesting initiative. We think this look for regulation abiding citizens will assist the police capture extra traffic violators. Finding 8000 law abiding citizen is a hard undertaking. We hope they control to acquire this target soon. We are still unsure if other towns have to follow suit.