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Pennsylvania State Police Remind Drivers of Traffic Law Updates

Pennsylvania State Police Remind Drivers of Traffic Law Updates


The Pennsylvania State Police and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) use the kingdom’s Highway Safety Law Awareness Week, Feb. 17 to 23, to remind drivers of motorway protection legal guidelines that had been lately up to date.

The agencies cautioned drivers of the following updates and protection reminders.

• Automated pace enforcement came to Pennsylvania in 2018 and can be used handiest while a piece area is energetic. Drivers going greater than eleven miles consistent with an hour over the published speed limit in a piece area are a situation to the subsequent consequences: first offense is a written warning, 2nd offense is a $75 nice, and the 0.33 or the following crime is a $a hundred and fifty pleasant.

• Pennsylvania’s “Steer Clear” law became enacted to assist save you accidents and shop lives of first responders. It calls for drivers to transport over or slow down after they come upon an emergency scene, site visitors stop, or disabled car. Drivers should move over or sluggish down for all responders, which includes police, hearth, and ambulance crews, in addition to stopped tow vans and preservation vehicles. In 2018, a similar law went into impact to protect trash and recycling people. Drivers must gradually down and circulate one lane away (if viable) when coming near a desk-bound trash or recycling truck.

• Pennsylvania recently enacted harsher penalties for drivers convicted of DUI. A fourth DUI in 10 years is now a prison. A 0.33 DUI offense in 10 years may also be a criminal, depending on the driver’s blood alcohol content material. Legal effects for murder by way of the vehicle simultaneously as DUI had also been strengthened.

• Removing snow and ice on vehicles and headlights earlier than riding is important at some stage in the wintry weather season. If snow or ice falls from a vehicle and moves another automobile or pedestrian causing the demise of extreme physical injury, the driver faces an exceptional of as much as $1,000.

• “Turn Around, Don’t Drown” is a reminder that motorists might not pressure past, around or through a signal or visitors-manipulate device ultimate an avenue or motorway because of a current or unsafe circumstance. This is a precise offense and is punishable through a great of up to $250. If the violation results in the use of offerings of a first responder or emergency scientific or rescue personnel (which includes a tow provider), the pleasant will increase to a cost of $500 – and the driver is chargeable for all of the emergency response charges.

“Right-of-way for pedestrians in crosswalks” is a state law mandating that once a visitors-manage device isn’t always in the area or now not in operation, the motive force of an automobile will yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian crossing the roadway at an intersection with a marked or unmarked crosswalk. This is a precise offense and is punishable using a satisfactory of $50.

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