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Police officers violating traffic norms won’t be spared: Sharma

Police officers violating traffic norms won’t be spared: Sharma


Kolkata: Commissioner of Police (CP) Kolkata Anuj Sharma on Saturday informed the Kolkata Police officers not to spare any police personnel if found violating traffic norms. He additionally praised the activeness of police personnel even as engaging in the pressure against site visitors guidelines violators at night.
According to assets, on Saturday, Sharma met with the Officers-in-charge (OC) of all site visitors, guards, and police stations and mentioned the present situation. During the meeting, he praised the activeness of site visitors’ police personnel and asked them to hold the raids at night time to lower the past due to nighttime biker risk across the metropolis. He was not one of the most effective bikers, but he careworn any individual discovered violating site visitors’ regulations must get prosecuted.
Sharma advised his subordinates to act difficult in opposition to police employees if they violate site visitors’ guidelines. He said nobody is above the law, and police employees must comply with the policies as others do.
Even if any police employee is on duty, he’ll also comply with the site visitors’ rules in keeping with the Motor Vehicles (MV) Act.
Besides traffic, Sharma reminded the OCs about the SOP, which he had issued in advance. Sources knowledgeable that even after the SOP following former Miss India Ushoshi Sengupta’s harassment, and across the world acclaimed boxer who’s additionally a country government worker, was burdened and abused by using three youths in the front of a policeman at the crossing of Remount Road and Diamond Harbour Road on Friday.
It has been alleged that notwithstanding the victim’s search for assistance from the police personnel, he reportedly advised her to the hotel a criticism within the nearest police station.
Keeping the incident in thought, Sharma, on Saturday, again instructed the officers of police stations and site visitors guards to hold liaison between them and report complaints directly in case of any incident that desires emergency interest.

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