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Practical Law Canada’s enterprise-leading expertise now includes Commercial Real Estate module

Practical Law Canada’s enterprise-leading expertise now includes Commercial Real Estate module


Thomson Reuters, the world’s leading provider of intelligent information for businesses and professionals, today announced the launch of Practical Law Canada – Commercial Real Estate, a brand new module that offers professional guidance and gear to cowl all aspects of business real estate practice, consisting of acquisitions, leasing, and financing.

Like preceding Practical Law Canada modules, Commercial Real Estate is designed to help law corporations, and felony suggests be extra efficient by making it simpler and quicker to orient on any rely on hand so that they can shift time spent attempting to find a precedent toward greater profitable and efficient use.

“I am honestly excited about the inclusion of this new series of resources, drafted using our devoted group of seasoned former actual estate practitioners. I am confident that this new module will end up the essential go-to supply of marketplace-tested commercial actual estate felony understanding for Canadian legal professionals,” says Todd Pinsky, Director of Product Development for Practical Law Canada.

Practical Law Canada is an internet-based, know-how answer that provides steerage on transactional regulation and litigation exercise. Created and continuously maintained by way of teams of expert in-residence attorneys, it affords transactional evaluation and intelligence on modern marketplace deal practice, Practice Notes presenting procedural and strategic steerage, annotated Standard Documents and Clauses, Checklists, Toolkits, Legal Updates, and lots extra.

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