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Set up Motor Accident Mediation Authority in each district of India, SC directs Centre

Set up Motor Accident Mediation Authority in each district of India, SC directs Centre


The Supreme Court has directed the Centre to installation Motor Accident Mediation Authority (MAMA) in every district of India to keep away from postponing the disposal of motor automobile accident cases.

The bench comprising of Justices A K Sikri, S Abdul Nazeer, and M R Shah gave the instructions at the same time as performing at the plea filed through Advocate M R Krishna Murti, who suffered a coincidence on the age of 18 years and declared forty-five percent disabled by using the Government hospital.

Disposing of the petition, the apex courtroom issued various directions:

Government to don’t forget the feasibility of enacting the Indian Mediation Act to take care of diverse aspects of mediation in trendy.
The Government may also examine the feasibility of setting up MAMA by making necessary amendments inside the Motor Vehicles Act. For this cause, it can recall the two drift charts referred to within the Petition.
NALSA is directed to installing a Motor Accident Mediation Cell, which could function independently below the aegis of NALSA or exceeded over to MCPC. Such an undertaking ought to be prepared inside a period of two months, and it has to begin functioning right away after that at numerous stages as suggested in this judgment. Further, reiterated the directions contained so as dated November 6, 2017, in the Jai Prakash case to implement the modern-day Modified Claims Tribunal Agreed Procedure. For ensuring such implementation, NALSA is directed to absorb the equal in coordination and cooperation with diverse High Courts.
Government to inspect the feasibility of framing essential schemes and for the provision of annuity 32 certificates. This workout may be executed in the length of six months, and the choice is taken thereupon.
Further, the court docket directed that there should be applications occasionally in all State Judicial Academies to sensitizing the presiding officials of the Claims Tribunals, Senior Police Officers of the State Police in addition to Insurance Company for the implementation of the said Procedure.
The Modified Claims Tribunal Agreed Procedure as authorized via High Court of Delhi in its order dated seventh December 2018 has the propensity to make sure speedy disposal of MACT cases.
Likewise, Operative Documents of 21 files, which have applied the Annuity Deposit Scheme, can ensure that reimbursement is brought to the individuals for whom it is supposed. It has the element of annuity bills as well. There is, therefore, a need to put in force the MATHCAD Scheme by the Claims Tribunals within the whole you. S.
She has directed 21 banks to enforce their operative documents on an All India basis.
The instructions came on the two factors highlighted with the aid of Senior Advocate Arun Mohan in the hearing.

The first thing Mohan highlighted was that “to ensure get right of entry to justice for road accident sufferers and to bring about a mechanism that prevents delays and different limitations in awarding reimbursement to road coincidence victims. Here, mediation as an idea of dispute decision, even earlier than dispute becomes part of the adversarial adjudicatory method, could be of first-rate significance”.

“This stands identified via the Legislature in addition to policymakers and need no elaboration. It is now finding statutory reputation and has been brought in few Statutes as well. Examples are the Companies Act, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, Commercial Courts Act, etc. In those enactments, provisions are made even for pre-litigation mediation with the aid of making this system obligatory. There is, anyhow, umbrella provisions inside the shape of Section 89 of the Code of Civil Procedure, which, among other things, gives for court docket annexed mediation as nicely. Therefore, the idea of setting up MAMA is laudable. Till the time such a modification is made with the aid of the Parliament, National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) needs to take up this work as a mission. An entire document/module be made about the functioning of Motor Accident Mediation Cell (MAMC). This exercise is finished within a duration of months. After that, this undertaking may be shared with all State Legal Services Authorities (SLSA) so that State Legal Services Authorities put in force the equal thru their respective District Legal Services Authorities (DLSAs),” stated Mohan.

The second element was the status quo of MAMA/MAMC for the cause of resolving the claims earlier than the case is filed inside the MACT.

It is a matter of common know-how that for the amicable agreement of the instances pending earlier than MACT, ADR in the form of Lok Adalat is resorted to, which has executed remarkable success over some time. The Legal Services Authorities also organize these Lok Adalats. Settlement of cases with the aid of Lok Adalats has its professionals and cons. Be as it may, the hotel to Lok Adalat ought to continue because of its benefits. This desires to be followed at All India Level. NALSA ought to take up and screen similar to properly in coordination and cooperation with numerous high courts to facilitate the same.”

Ensuring receipt of compensation within the secure arms of victims and kiths and kins of victims: Government can also frame approaches and schemes on this behalf. In precise, LIC/RBI can offer annuity services in consultation with the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority and the economic banks/insurance businesses. The Government to inspect the feasibility of framing such schemes and for the provision of annuity certificates. This exercise can be executed inside the length of six months, and the decision is taken thereupon.

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