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Shocked by using mom-in-law’s demise ‘bahu’ ends life

Shocked by using mom-in-law’s demise ‘bahu’ ends life


Unable to bear the demise of her sick mom-in-law, a female allegedly committed suicide right here on Saturday, a legit stated

The incident occurred in the Apte Nagar residential locality, sending shockwaves amongst residents.

According to police legit Irfan Gadkari of Juna Rajwada Police Station, a 70-year-old lady, Malti M. Lokhande, died early Saturday after an extended battle with most cancers.

On listening to approximately her death, 49-12 months-vintage daughter-in-law Shubhangi S. Lokhande went to the balcony in their 1/3 floor flat and jumped to death.

According to the circle of relatives contributors and neighborhood residents, she reportedly could not bear the shock of losing her mother-in-regulation. Still, Gadkari said the reason at the back for her death was being investigated.

“Our bodies have been sent for autopsy to the Kolhapur CPR Hospital. We have registered an accidental loss of life document in both cases. The police are also wondering about their family contributors, neighbors, and others,” Gadkari said.

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