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Sir Andrew Cook in court docket divorce row over home and curtains

Sir Andrew Cook in court docket divorce row over home and curtains


Conservative Party donor Sir Andrew Cook and indoors designer Baroness Angelika Hirsch-Stronstorff have contested a High Court trial.
Mr. Justice Holman became told the pair had run up £1m in attorneys’ bills within the case over property and furnishings.
The choice stated the pair’s marriage was “a disaster.”
Evidence confirmed Sir Andrew – chairman of William Cook, a firm based in Sheffield which produces additives for the rail, electricity, and defense industries – turned into worth about £25m and Baroness Hirsch-Stronstorff about £4m, the judge stated.
He has been told that nobody was arguing their combined wealth has to be shared.
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Lawyers representing Baroness Hirsch-Stronstorff stated she desired to walk away with £2.8m.
Sir Andrew, who turned into treasurer of the Conservative In marketing campaign which sought to stay in the European Union at the 2016 referendum, had made an initial offer of £1m and then accelerated it to £2m.
Lawyers have now told them that Sir Andrew and Baroness Hirsch-Stronstorff had agreed to an out-of-court docket agreement.
But the judge heard that they couldn’t agree on who owned the curtains in a house they’d shared in London.
Lawyers stated that, under the settlement, Sir Andrew turned into keeping the residence and desired the curtains to remain.
But indoors, dressmaker Baroness Hirsch-Stronstorff changed into maintaining the contents and said the curtains belonged to her.
At the Family Division of the High Court, Mr. Justice Holman ruled that the curtains should live; however, if Sir Andrew sold them, as a part of a residence sale, within the subsequent five years, he should cut up the cash along with his ex-wife.

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