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SIS: More Muslims in search of prison advice on polygamy, many mystery Thai marriages

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SIS: More Muslims in search of prison advice on polygamy, many mystery Thai marriages


KUALA LUMPUR, March 8 — The quantity of Muslims soliciting for loose prison recommendation on polygamy is growing, data from a felony medical institution operated by Sisters in Islam (SIS) has proven.

Polygamy cases recorded at the Telenisa legal resource sanatorium rose from seventy-five in 2016 to 106 in 2017, and 176 in 2018.

The SIS said this changed into occurring towards a backdrop of weakening proper safety over the years for the modern wife, which has made it simpler and more accessible for Muslim men to tackle new better halves.

SIS programme supervisor Shareena Sheriff stated many Muslim men secretly have subsequent marriages by going to the border of Thailand to skip Malaysian prison requirements that require these marriages to be validated in a Shariah courtroom.

Shareena said it became a weakness of Malaysian law that Muslims who marry abroad are allowed to in the end check in it in Malaysia without having first to have it authorized in court.

“So this is how those marriages remain a mystery, they marry in Thailand, they come lower back and secretly sign in it,” she said on the release of Televisa’s booklet on its 2018 statistics of cases it dealt with.

“In many marriages, the marriages are not even registered. When divorces show up, the reputation of the spouse is as though they were in no way married,” she introduced.

According to Televisa, instances of subsequent marriages that went unregistered in Malaysia amounted to eleven. Four in line with a cent of the 176 polygamy instances it handled in 2018, with affected other halves losing their rights to the inheritance and marital property while their children are seemed as illegitimate.

Shareena additionally talked about the trouble of husbands both refusing to provide money to offer for the protection or decreasing such budget for the wife and youngsters from an in advance marriage, after taking on a new wife.

Out of the 176 polygamy cases at Televisa in 2018, 15.9 according to cent revolved on complaints of subsequent marriages without the contemporary wife’s knowledge, while 15.2 in line with cent had been on subsequent marriages without the current spouse’s consent.

Some of the current wives best found out years later that their husband had taken on extra wives.

Cases in which husbands gave no cash to their cutting-edge better halves amounted to 9.7 in keeping with a cent of the 176 cases, even as 10.Eight according to cent said their kids do not get hold of monetary provision from the husband.

As for the last cases, 10. Eight in step with cent had been on wives being sad, at the same time as 9.7 in action with cent concerned absconded husbands, 7 — four in keeping with cent complaining of unjust rotation and nine.1 consistent with cent related other complaints.

Those who consulted Televisa last yr on polygamy consisted of the primary spouse in 62 of the 176 cases, the second one spouse (41 instances), third wife (five cases), husband (two cases) and partner (37 cases).

The Televisa book additionally mentioned the unfair laws in Malaysia on polygamy, with SIS noting that the rights of the modern-day wife were more and more chiseled away over the years with legal amendments in 1994 and 2006.

The 1994 change permits for secret polygamous marriages, via allowing the registration of illegal marriages — that was entered into without the courtroom’s permission — with the price of a small nice.

Muslim men who wanted to marry an extra wife previously had to reveal the marriage become both just and vital, however, the 2006 amendment loosened it to both simply or vital, with the hazard of adultery by the husband additionally customary as an essential situation.

The e-book with the aid of SIS additionally mentioned that Muslim men are not legally required to hold the usual of the dwelling of their cutting-edge other halves, which SIS stated without delay contradicts the Muslims’ holy ebook Al-Quran.

The e-book additionally listed the laws in other Muslim international locations, inclusive of those which ban polygamy like Turkey or including in Indonesia wherein polygamous marriages require courtroom authorisation upon fulfillment of strict rules, and that may best be concluded if the prevailing other halves agree.

Laws in Muslim international locations like Egypt, Algeria, Bahrain, Jordan, Lebanon recognizes the wife’s right to divorce after the husband enters into subsequent marriages, while Shareena mentioned that polygamy isn’t a situation for divorce in Malaysia.

Among different things, the booklet by Televisa covers facts on and problems of divorces, baby custody, infant upkeep, in addition to assets department or department of inheritance.

Televisa, which has been giving free legal recommendation given that 2008 on Islamic circle of relatives law and Shariah crook offenses, recorded a total of 576 clients in 2018.

Deputy girls, family and network improvement minister Hannah Yeoh, who officiated the release of the Televisa e-book, nowadays mentioned the importance of SIS’s work.

Yeoh also introduced a pledge of RM20,000 to SIS to support its work, with the funds to be from her allocation as deputy minister.

Yeoh encouraged SIS to head on a nationwide roadshow to provide an explanation for and gift its information and findings inside the Televisa e-book to MPs and kingdom assemblypersons in the respective states, as Islamic subjects are beneath the jurisdiction of national governments.

In conjunction with International Women’s Day, Yeoh additionally took the possibility to well known on behalf of the authorities the paintings of NGOs which includes SIS, Women’s Aid Organisation and Tenaganita.

“I need to renowned your contribution to Malaysia, I think Malaysians would be in a worse role if not to your efforts within a previous couple of a long time,” she stated.