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The actual meaning of China’s Foreign Investment Law

The actual meaning of China’s Foreign Investment Law


Editor’s word: Robert Lawrence Kuhn, host of “Closer To China with R.L.Kuhn,” received the China Reform Friendship Medal, China’s highest award. The article displays the author’s opinions and no longer necessarily the perspectives of CGTN.

With its new Foreign Investment Law, China backs up words with deeds. China has come to be the champion of globalization, propounding the overarching blessings of free trade. By proposing to open up its very own markets further and quicker, China seeks to align its home coverage with its global method.

Years inside the making, China’s Foreign Investment Law exemplifies the government’s dedication to facilitating overseas agencies doing business in China, which might enhance the types of market opposition that gain Chinese customers.

Though specifics wanted for complete implementation are yet to come back, the Law intends to offer overseas businesses broader market access, guard their highbrow property, prohibit compelled technology transfer, and guarantee the same treatment (a “degree gambling area”) for foreign and domestic agencies.

The improvement of the Foreign Investment Law offers insight into the legislative manner in China. The Law entered the State Council’s congressional plan for the primary time in 2014, and for a reason, it has traveled a choppy direction of improvement.

In 2015, the Ministry of Commerce published on its internet site a draft of the Law for the reason of soliciting critiques, an increasingly more common feature of “Chinese democracy,” where the human beings are exercising de facto control over the purveyors of horrific practice. In December 2018, the very last draft of the rules changed into posted for public overview and oversight.

The draft Law consists of 39 articles allocated into six sections: preferred provisions, investment promoting, funding protection, investment management, prison responsibility, and other requirements. It stipulates that national and nearby governments shall upgrade their foreign funding services to end up extra convenient, green, and visible. Local governments are directed to abide strictly by the way of coverage commitments made to overseas investors and foreign-invested firms by the Law.

China believes that the Foreign Investment Law turns into the most crucial felony milestone in China’s continuing procedure of beginning as much as the outdoor global because China joined the World Trade Organization in 2001. The Law’s high goals are to improve the openness, transparency, and predictability of foreign investors’ investment environment.

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