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The Cyberlaw Podcast: NewsGuard Takes on Fake News

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The Cyberlaw Podcast: NewsGuard Takes on Fake News


Our interview is with two guys who overcame careers as legal professionals and newshounds to become serial entrepreneurs now trying to solve the “faux news” problem. Gordon Crovitz and Steve Brill co-founded NewsGuard to charge information web sites on nine journalistic criteria—the use of, of all matters, real human beings in preference to

algorithms. By the quit of the interview, I’ve confessed myself a reluctant convert to the attempt. Regardless of NewsGuard’s treatment of Instapundit, Gordon Crovitz and I both often read, however, which has no longer acquired a green check.

In the news, Klon Kitchen talks approximately the brand new cyber conflict with Russia: CyberCom’s takedown of the Russian troll farm at some point in the 2018 midterms. The Russians are surely feeling abused. They are using U.S. Assaults to justify pursuing “self-sustaining Internet,” and they’ve sentenced Kaspersky Lab experts to lengthy jail terms for treason.

Gus Hurwitz, Klon, and Nick Weaver muse on the latest evidence that data intermediaries nevertheless haven’t settled on an enterprise model. Amazon marketplace sellers will now have the ability to remove what they deem counterfeit listings. Amazon has let the FTC field fake paid Amazon evaluations. And The Verge has a worrying article at the personal expenses of using people to put in force Facebook’s content material guidelines. (The failure of Silicon Valley to get a manage on this hassle is, of direction, the key to NewsGuard’s business model.)

Finally, to give me an excuse to link to this Dr. Strangelove clip, Gus tells us that no longer even our prosthetic hands are safe from IoT hacking.

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