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Tips to Negotiate Settlement Claims Following A Personal Injury

Tips to Negotiate Settlement Claims Following A Personal Injury


Filing personal injury claims with insurance companies is tricky. As a victim, you have a legal right to seek financial compensation for the loss sustained, but it’s not easy.

After suffering a personal injury, it’s better to contact experienced car accident lawyers and get the insurance claims settled in your favor. If you wish to know the entire procedure, learn more here.

Personal Injury

Before getting your injury lawsuit filed, you should follow these tips to make your case strong:


The foundation of any lawsuit is based on evidence. Whenever you suffer a severe injury, you must preserve all available evidence. Here are some key documents that can work as evidence:

  • Medical bills for the expenses you incurred to cure your wounds.
  • All official communication is exchanged between you and the insurance companies.
  • The copy of a police report.
  • Car repair estimates.
  • Relevant photographs of the accident spot.

Once you have collected all relevant evidence, you can produce them before a legal professional for help.

Contact Your Insurance Company

After an accident, you should call an insurance company without any delay. Once you call an insurance firm, you should apprise them of what happened. Providing essential information like the day, date, time, and details of the accident site is enough. Don’t divulge any more information. Let your lawyer handle the rest.

Never wait for 10–15 days to get your claim filed. It makes the case weak. Even if you are recuperating from the injury at home or in the hospital, let your loved one get legal help immediately.

Proper Estimation

You need not reveal an estimated figure to your insurance company while informing them about your accident. If you don’t know the estimated cost of damage, the insurance company may offer you low compensation.

Let a professional personal injury attorney handle the matter. While negotiating with an insurance company, they can also cite medical expenses and diminished earning capacity for serious injury due to personal injury.

An aggrieved party can also seek monetary compensation for physical pains and permanent physical losses, including disability and disfigurement.

Draft Your Letter Properly

Negotiating an insurance claim starts with writing a letter to the insurer. Here, you must explain everything about what happened and how it impacted you. Information about the incident and your injuries can strengthen your case.

Make the letter effective and keep the content short and factual. In the end, you can specifically request compensation in monetary terms. While claiming compensation, you must demand a bit more than the estimated damage cost.

For example, if your estimated damage due to an accident is around $50000, you can claim $60000–$80000. This trick will provide ample scope for negotiation with your insurance company.

Don’t delay further. If you have recently suffered a personal injury, contact a well-qualified lawyer.

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