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Traffic law enforcement growing near schools

Traffic law enforcement growing near schools


At some stage in Miami County, police departments are engaging in an increased traffic law enforcement campaign close to high schools that commenced Monday, Feb. 25, and will close through Friday, March 8.

The Paola, Louisburg, Osawatomie, and Spring Hill police departments are joining different regulation enforcement organizations in Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma to collaborate inside the marketing campaign designed to elevate the cognizance of roadway protection.

Motor automobile crashes are the leading cause of demise for young adults ages 15 to 18 within the United States, consistent with an information release.

“The protection of our students/faculty zones is one of the maximum priorities of this agency,” Paola Capt. Eric Jenkins stated.

Osawatomie Police Chief Dave Ellis concurred.

“Even one youngster’s loss of life is unacceptable,” Ellis stated. “Please slow down, put the cellphone away or turn it off, and continually buckle up.”

Officers will trouble citations to any man or woman who refuses to obey the legal traffic guidelines, whether it’s miles for rushing, texting or failing to buckle up, in line with the release.

The officers also ask parents, the circle of relatives, individuals and buddies to remind teenagers that riding is a privilege and it’s miles essential to remember to drive correctly.

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