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Traffic Police To Honour 8000 Citizens In Hyderabad — Catching The Good Guys

Traffic Police To Honour 8000 Citizens In Hyderabad — Catching The Good Guys


The Rachakonda Police Commissionerate released a program called the “Patrol for Happy Driving” in Hyderabad on Thursday. The initiative is to honor citizen who complies with traffic rules. Motorists following traffic guidelines across Hyderabad will acquire certificates by using the city police underneath the action.
As a part of the initiative launched with the aid of Rachakonda Traffic Commissioner Mahesh M Bhagwat, the traffic police will discover riders and drivers who make it an addiction to and protection measures inside the city.
Commissioner Bhagwat said, “So far the police were looking to perceive visitors violators and impose fines and to capture cars and so on. Now, as a token of reputation to the humans following site visitors guidelines, Rachakonda police launched a unique program that’s the best one-of-its-kind in India. The Patrol for Happy Driving.”
Law-abiding riders drivers will be given stickers and certificates of appreciation. The Rachakonda visitor’s police believe that this pass will spread happiness among secure drivers as their honesty is known.
The nearby police have observed that many humans have commenced obeying visitors’ laws after awareness packages. They say sporting helmets, using seat belts, using turn signal signs, and retaining more secure distances in moving visitors are some location that they have visible enhancements.
After launching this program, Commissioner Bhagwat, for my part, checked a few vehicles. He found a lady physician, a senior citizen, an autorickshaw driver, and some lorry drivers following visitors’ rules. These residents have been honored with a certificate and additionally had ‘secure motive force’ stickers pasted on to their automobiles.
The Rachakonda traffic police have a hard and fast goal and will perceive 8000 secure drivers. All drivers may be issued ‘safe motive force’ stickers and certificates token of appreciation for following visitors’ regulations.
Commissioner Bhagwat introduced, “The foremost purpose of launching this program is to inspire the regulation-abiding residents via honoring them and bring changes among others to make them obey the law.”
Thoughts About The Initiative Started By The Rachakonda Traffic Police
Interesting initiative. We think this look for regulation abiding citizens will assist the police capture extra traffic violators. Finding 8000 law abiding citizen is a hard undertaking. We hope they control to acquire this target soon. We are still unsure if other towns have to follow suit.

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