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Why did Barney Go To Jail? The Answer May Surprise you

Why did Barney Go To Jail? The Answer May Surprise you


When did Barney get arrested, why, and why was he arrested for that? Neither in the show nor in real life does Barney go to prison. According to reports, an unnamed performer from the Barney & Friends performance is going to jail for taking narcotics on stage during the play. So why did Barney go to jail?

Actor David Joyner played the role of the purple dragon, Barney. More frequently than anybody else, including Carey Stinson and David Voss, David Joyner portrayed the part of Barney, the purple dragon.

However, why Barney went to prison is often brought up in conversations with his followers, which is irrelevant and annoying. Just stay there and read on to find out the solution.

For what crime were Barney and their friends taken into custody? That’s because there are three possible causes. How Come He Went to Prison? How Come He Went to Prison? The Barney actors then and now both can confirm. Unfortunately, we can’t tell which of the three actors who have portrayed Barney in the past it could be since the rumor in question doesn’t reveal who plays Barney. We must go no further than David Joyner to narrow the investigation’s focus.


Some of the numerous claimed offenses for which Barney was sentenced to jail or prison are as follows:

One of the producers was slapped by him.

The allegation that David Joyner had once smacked the producer started circulating shortly after he left the show. No one can say whether it’s true since it’s just another one of those wild rumors floating about. Everyone knows that if you strike the producer, it won’t look good on your resume. Why, therefore, would he do that?

The host of the program heard him curse in the air.

Evidence from several different sources indicates that he was never arrested or incarcerated. Several incidents, including cursing on air against Barney’s character, resulted in his time behind bars. Because of this, the program had to be canceled, and he lost his job. The Barney characters then and now can also confirm it.

Substance misuse was a problem for him, but only in a certain sense.

Barney’s drug addiction is only one of the many factors that led to his time in prison. He was busted more than once in costume as Barney for drug use. Not only was he found to have the cocaine, but it was also discovered that he had hidden it in the purple tail of his original Barney costume. In addition, it was claimed that he supplied the kids on the Barney show with illegal drugs.

The following are some of the most often asked follow-up questions about the piece: As to why Barney was locked up:

Could Barney have been a serial killer?

Once again, Snopes has shown that our concerns about the lecture’s authenticity were correct. In real life, Barney wasn’t a serial murderer, but for some reason, he was represented as one in a Barney episode. Barney’s singing so repulses Elmo that he kills him with a rifle or shotgun, and then he swears at Barney’s dead body. It was speculated that Barney was addicted to a 1930s-era pain reliever.

Exactly which Barney ended up in jail?

David Joyner was known for playing Barney (entertainer) throughout his career. The actor who played Barney was born on July 4, 1963, in Decatur, Illinois, United States. He began his career as an actor but now supports himself as an entertainer and tantric counselor. According to legend, he was the one who ended up behind bars after being caught taking medication while disguised as a clown.

Is Barney the dinosaur now extinct?

The purple dinosaur Barney, often known as Barney the Dinosaur and just Barney, was infamous for eating kids and young adults. Viewers of the Antichrist-themed TV show Barney and Friends much liked him. As of his death on January 2, 2021, Barney had lived to the ripe old age of 200,002,020, having been born in 200,000,000 BC.

Why is Barney such a nasty person?

Barney never made friends as a juvenile dinosaur since everyone else was too annoyed by his destructive impact (consuming human tissue) and ineptitude to hang out with him. Barney failed to get a degree from Dinosaur University because he consistently scored poorly in his courses.

How come Barney always wears that weird purple shirt?

In 1987, Sheryl Leach invented Barney to divert her two-year-old son Patrick’s attention from the television. Finally, he was given a purple hue to represent the diversity of sexual orientations (the color made Leach weak in the knees, too), and his personality was softened (for example, hooks were changed to “toe balls”).

And what happened to David Joyner in the end?

Nothing major happened to David Joyner. He had finally had enough of the costume and left the “Barney and Friends” set. Since he may do so now, he intends to go job hunting without his disguise. To make ends meet when his run as Barney on The Simpsons ended in 2001, actor David Joyner is now a tantric sex expert.

Who was it in a Barney getup?

In the role of Barney from 1991 to 2001, actor David Joyner donned a costume that weighed 70 pounds, performing within the garment while on stage. Another is Carey Scott Stinson, an American performer and contemporary photographer born on March 21, 1968. Stinson was the third actor to play Barney on the program, after David Voss and David Joyner. Starting in 1991, he played the part for a long period, through 2013 and into 2019. So, finally, did Barney go to jail?


When did Barney get arrested, why, and why was he arrested for that?

So, who is Barney who got jailed? For those interested in the short version, Barney is never arrested. The rumors never indicate who played Barney on screen. Additionally, not a single piece of evidence supports this idea. The only actor to have played Barney for any length is David Joyner, who has no history of criminal behavior. In addition, he is now operating as a Tantra therapist in Illinois.

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