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Does ‘ninety Day Fiancé’ Star Larissa Dos Santos Lima Still Talk to Colt Johnson After Divorce?

Does ‘ninety Day Fiancé’ Star Larissa Dos Santos Lima Still Talk to Colt Johnson After Divorce?


90-Day Fiancé star Larissa Lima has moved on together with her life because of her divorce from Colt Johnson. They don’t even speak anymore, Larissa informed her lovers on Saturday. After being arrested two times for home battery, Colt and Larissa ended their marriage. Viewers are slated to look at the aftermath of her 2nd arrest on Sunday’s episode of Happily Ever After.
“No, we do not talk,” she stated on an IG video. “We are divorced, so it is the natural divorce technique.”Since being arrested a couple of instances for home violence, Larissa has been going to lessons. “One of the things that I’m studying with the domestic violence training is that they don’t punish you inside the lessons,” she told her xx followers. “They put you to consider what’s occurring… They try and make you see the pink flags, the entirety that’s no longer going nicely on your existence dating, existence or marriage, and make you consider that you cannot manage everybody.” She brought: “Don’t blame all and sundry for what is taking place with me.”
She’s currently glad about how matters are, but she couldn’t provide a similar clarification. “I am happy for many things I can not speak about now. However, I do not blame anybody,” she stated. “The handiest man or woman in control is me.”

Does '90 Day Fiancé' Star Larissa
When the communique changed to appear, Larissa found out she hadn’t had any plastic surgical treatment. The exchange in her face viewers have due to angles, lighting make-up fillers in her face.
Just because she would not have plastic surgical treatment now doesn’t imply she does not want a bit of nip-tuck inside Destiny. Larissa admitted it’s quite a few words to make her nose appear smaller, so she would like a rhinoplasty in the future. She might also want a breast augmentation.
One individual asked how much she had misplaced, but Larissa would not reveal her contemporary length because she lost weight from anxiety. When she receives irritation, she can go days without consuming, which occurred in this example. Larissa failed to promote her weight loss since it wasn’t exactly healthy, and they did not want to be a terrible impact. She added that she’s been going to the gymnasium because she still desires to be toned, considering that she did lose weight.
After splitting with Colt, Larissa moved on with her fiancé Eric Nichols. They might get engaged in destiny. While Larissa seems to have fallen for her new boyfriend, Eric, the two might not be getting married each time soon. “We do not have plans to marry, but if it happens, it will be a wonder,” she stated. “I consider sooner or later he desires to be married and feature youngsters, but I don’t l recognize if he wishes with me. But it is adequate; he’s 27 years vintage, I can’t place a gun and say, ‘come on marry me.'”

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